A great new UI refresh and significant new functionality is here!
See the 2.10 Release Notes for details.

Value Stream Visualization


The Value Stream Visualization feature in ConnectALL provides you the ability to view the applications in your value stream in a visual layout. The visual layout presents all your connections coherently and eases the job of a ConnectALL admin by presenting a visual representation. Also, it's helpful in other ways:

  • Presents a holistic view of the value stream and helps to locate a connection name based on location or phase name.
  • Help demonstrate to management about their value stream management more quickly and simply.
  • Helps with process improvement (particularly with value stream managers and agile coaches) and fosters discussions about the workflow.
  • Helps ConnectALL admins (that work best with spacial/visual aids) by presenting a visual instead of a flat list of app-links that they have to search/filter through.

Viewing the Visual Layout

On the Value Stream Map displayed on the dashboard, you will see various colors for these connecting lines. This is explained in the below table:



App-Link is enabled


App-link is disabled


Manually added lines not backed-up by ConnectALL app-link.

If the Activity Monitor is running, an app-link line will be a bolder/thicker green when a record is sync'd (created or updated). In the case of an error, the link will briefly turn red.

Editing the Visual Layout

Your value stream map is visible on the Dashboard / home page, and is editable and downloadable in the Value Stream Designer. 

To go to the Value Stream Designer, click the Value Stream option on the top navigation bar. The Value Stream Designer screen is displayed, and it is divided into two parts:

  • The left side pane, that has two tabs:
    • Adapters - Displays the icons of your adapters.
    • Uploaded - Displays the external application icons that you uploaded.
  • The main pane, displaying the main value stream layout. When the layout opens up, it displays all the connections and app-links. The view that loads up contains only the connections and app-links that the logged-in user can see.

Inside the visual layout, the connections are displayed as movable squares, and the lines connecting them are the app-links. The app-link name is displayed on the line, and the entity types on both sides of the connections as a tool-tip when you hover over the link. Each user can customize the layout as they see fit, and the layout contains only the connections and app-links that that logged-in user can see.

Group Connections

The grouping feature provides a mechanism to logically group the end-points and connections. You might wish to group by departments, locations, categories or process phases so that all the connections are more effectively organized, and easy to monitor. We recommend adding groups that map concepts in your value stream. For example, you can add groups for planning, development, testing, support and operations. Or you might wish to add groups by organizational unit.

You can group the connections using the Add Grouping button. Clicking the Add Grouping button creates a box inside the layout. This box can be moved around, and the size of the box can be changed to include the required connections. Alternatively, you can drag and drop a connection into a group. To modify the size of a grouping box, drag the square resize handle. You can add multiple groups, rename a group, and delete a group, and also move a connection into a newly created group. 

Upload and Add Icons

You can upload and include any of your external applications, manual process steps, people, and other icons into the design layout. To upload an icon, click the Upload Icons button in the Value Stream Designer. The uploaded icon appears under the Uploaded tab, and you can drag it from the left pane and drop it into the layout. You can add lines between these icons to represent relationships, and the label on the line can be edited in the layout itself.

Other Functions

Along with the above-mentioned features, the Visual Stream Designer also allows you to:

Download a View - Downloads an image of the Visual Stream Map.

Lock BackgroundLocks the groupings in the background in order to prevent accidental selection or movement of items in the background.

Reset ViewResets the current view to an automatically generated layout. This will discard any groups or other items manually added to the map.