User Fields Configuration


The 'User Fields Configuration' feature in ConnectALL is used when there is no API support to get the field information from an adapter or if an adapter does not provide API support to get hidden/custom field information. In such scenarios, the user fields configuration feature helps you to configure these types of field information. You can configure user fields for the following:

  • Adapter
  • Connection
  • Application Link

Note that, you have to be an administrator in ConnectALL to access this module. Also, only a CA-ADMIN has permission to configure a field at the Adapter/Application level.

Application Tab

To configure the user fields, click the Application tab.

  • Click the cog wheel icon and select the option User Fields from the drop-down list. The following screen is displayed. 

  • Choose any Adapter from the list, and click on "Search". If user fields already available, then the result will be displayed (as shown below), otherwise user will have the option to add a new field.

  • Click the icon. Provide the input for field id, name and datatype and click on  to save the field changes. 
  • Upon a successful save, the field information will be displayed as follows:

  • Click on the pencil icon beside a field to make any changes to a field, and click on to save the modified changes. Click on  to delete any existing user field.
  • If the configured user field on the end application, is a list field (or drop down value field), then the list values (or drop down values) can be configured by clicking the  against the field. Upon clicking the same, a popup will open as below. Click on "Add Value" to configure list field values.

  • User Field values once added, will be displayed as below (ValueID1 and ValueID2)  Similar to fields, even field values can be edited or deleted.

Connection Tab

Similar to Adapter level field configuration, user fields can even be configured at connection level or application link level. To do this:

  • Click the Connection Tab.
  • Choose an adapter. All the available list of configured connections will be displayed as below.


  • Choose any one of the connection and click on "Search". If you have configured user fields, they will be displayed as below. You can add, edit, delete a field. 

Application Link Tab

To add user fields against Application Link:

  • Click the Application Link tab. Select an adapter, and all the available application link which is configured for that adapter will be displayed as below. 


  • User can choose any one of the application links and click on "Search" and try to add/view the fields in the Configured Fields screen that will be displayed. You can add, delete or edit a field.

Configured Fields and List Values

The configured fields and list values will be displayed as below when trying to create/modify an application link.



In case, if there are more number of connections/application links available for a chosen adapter type, then user have the provision to do search as highlighted below. User has to provide the search text and then the corresponding search results will be filtered and displayed. Also, if there are any fields already configured then total number of fields already configured will be displayed as below.


Import/Export Feature

If users wanted to configure the same set of fields configured in one option (adapter/connection/application link) into another, then Import/Export option as displayed below can be used. Import/Export of drop down values as well is possible as displayed below.




  1. Field configured by the user should be a valid field which can be sent for create/update record
  2. Field validation will not be done by ConnectALL
  3. If for hidden fields, create/update record API support is not available, ConnectALL sync will be failed