License Renewal and Expiry Notification

The email notifications will be sent to users if application license will be expired after few days. Also, email notifications will be sent to the user till 30 days after the license has expired.

Set the following property in under MULE_HOME/conf/

#send email notification on days before license expire
#to enable the license check scheduler run everyday at 00:00 hours
notify.license.expire.frequency=0 0 0 * * ?

Property notify.license.expire.daysafter defined in to control the email notification.

For example if notify.license.expire.daysafter is set to 60,45,30, ConnectALL will check the license validity,

  1. If the license expires on 60th day or 45th day, ConnectALL will send a notification.
  2. Email notifications will be sent 30 days before license expires, then every day through minus 30 days.