There are certain cases where related/dependent fields have to be synchronized for other fields to be synchronized. For example, an application might require Reason to be set whenever Status is set to certain values. Specifying Reason as a related field causes it to always be set whenever Status is set. But note that each field (both of those) must be mapped in the field mapping. It isn't sufficient to say Reason is a related field but does not have a field mapping for Reason

  • If only the Reason changes, ConnectALL will only synchronize the Reason field.
  • If only the Status changes, ConnectALL will synchronize both Status and Reason together.
  • If both change, ConnectALL will sync both.

This is not automatically symmetrical. If you have set Status to have a related field of Reason, and only the Reason changes, ConnectALL won't sync the Status. If you want both to always sync when either of the other syncs, make both fields related to each other.

To configure these type of related fields,

  1. Create an automation or modify an existing automation, and navigate to the Field Mapping.
  2. Under the Field Mapping Properties section, click the cogwheel icon against the field. The Field Configuration screen is displayed.
  3. Click the drop-down list against the Related Fields option, and select a field.
  4. Click Save.

Note: Ensure that the selected related field is available as a part of the field mapping configuration so that the value for the field is available when the records synchronize.