Sync Start Time Configuration

Sometimes we may need to sync records that were created in the past. The Sync Start Time configuration allows you to specify the date/time for which the sync should start.

This can be updated in two places:

  • Entity Mapping tab (in the app-link screen), and
  • Manage Scheduled Links widget (in the Dashboard).

In the Entity Mapping Tab

To set this property in the Entity Mapping tab,

  1. Access the Entity Mapping tab. For an existing automation, click the Modify button to find this tab. This will happen naturally in the new automation creation process.
  2. Navigate to the Flow Properties tab, expanding it if necessary. 
  3. Enter the required date and time in the Sync Start Time Field. See image below with the required format on the left and an example on the right.

Note that the Sync Start Time can be specified for both the applications or individually. This property is effective in the next poll and will process the records created/modified from the specified time.

In the Automation Schedules widget

To set this property, 

  1. Go to the Automation Schedules widget on the Dashboard tab.
  2. Click the Rerun icon in the Automation Schedules widget for the necessary automation. The Rerun Configuration screen will be displayed. 

  3. Enter the required date and time in the Sync Start Time field. You can type out the text manually (format: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS). Alternatively, use the calendar icon to choose a date. The time defaults to the current time, so you can edit the time as needed. Click Save when finished.

Rerun Configuration

In addition to syncing the start time, the Rerun Configuration screen also allows you to sync all the modified records that have not been pushed or polled by ConnectALL. This is especially useful if you have a large number of records to update, as you do not have to rerun them all individually.

Full Sync

Full sync is another option that is available within the Rerun Configuration screen. It is useful for re-synchronizing everything when you add a field mapping. This is also useful if you have created an automation recently and you want to synchronize any modified data that occurred before the creation of that automation. Full sync may also be useful for when you have changed a (non _CONSTANT) field or value mapping, but the Full Sync option would have to be selected on the same side of the app-link on which the change was made. Conflict management strategy changes will not affect the full sync results unless if the full sync is triggered from both the applications.

Points to Remember
  • ConnectALL clears the Sync Start Time and Full Sync properties after the completion of the next poll to avoid reprocessing the same set of records repeatedly.
  • Using these parameters may cause a very large number of records to be synchronized. The system has to be tuned for this to work smoothly. Please contact support for assistance.

You may also want to use the Rerun Configuration screen and do a Full Sync for the below-listed scenarios:

  • Changes in poll query
  • Changes in the value mapping configurations
  • If you have added/deleted a field
  • Application-level changes
  • Changes in records or group of records

Rerun Filter

In addition to the flow filter you provide in the Entity Mapping screen, ConnectALL allows you to provide an additional filter or a Rerun Filter in the Rerun Configuration screen. The Rerun Filter enables further filtering/querying of selected records by adding additional filtering criteria apart from the one provided in the Flow Filter field on the Entity Mapping screen.

The Rerun Filter is handy if you have created a few fields/records that must be synced, and your Flow Filter does not include the condition to include only these new fields/records. In such a scenario, the Resync Filter field allows you to sync the newly created fields/records alone, and you do not have to modify the existing flow filter and do a full sync to include only these new fields.

Note that,

  • If you have provided a Flow Filter in the Entity Mapping screen, then providing a Rerun Filter in this screen will be treated as an additional sub-filter.
  • If you have provided only a Rerun Filter and not a Flow Filter (on the Entity Mapping screen), ConnectALL will filter/query the records during a rerun based on the Rerun Filter.
  • The Rerun Filter applies only to the immediate next poll and not to the subsequent polls.

To add a Rerun Filter, 

  1. Click the Rerun icon in the Automation Schedules widget. (Note that the current flow filter field displays the flow filter on the Entity Mapping screen).
  2. Provide the Rerun Filter.
  3. Click Save.

For more information on setting filters, please refer to the Flow Filter page.

In the Rerun Configuration screen, you can: 

  • Provide only the Sync Start Time and not select the Full Sync option, or
  • Provide the Sync Start Time and select the Full Sync option. 

We have explained below what happens in those scenarios.

Provide only Sync Start Time

If you provide only the Sync Start Time (i.e. without selecting the Full Sync option), ConnectALL will sync only the records which are modified and not processed from the specified period. The records previously synchronized will be ignored during the processing. Only the unprocessed records and records that have changed since the last synchronization will get synchronized. ConnectALL uses the record's last update timestamp to determine if it has been modified. This may be useful for the situation in which you have changed your Flow Filter or in which you have set a Sync Start Time that is older than any prior sync for this application link. 

Provide Sync Start Time and Select Full Sync

If you provide the Sync Start Time and select the Full Sync option for an application, then ConnectALL will synchronize all the records that were modified from the specified Sync Time and ignore each record's last update timestamp. The record's current field values will be compared with its values from the prior synchronization. If a field's current value from the app does not match the prior value, ConnectALL will synchronize that field to the destination. 

Points to Remember
  • To do a regular sync, use the Sync Now icon in the Managed Schedule Links window. It triggers an immediate sync operation. 
  • If the Full Sync option is selected – ConnectALL will synchronize all the records that were modified from the specified date to the current date.
  • If the Full Sync option is not selected – ConnectALL will synchronize only the modified and unsynchronized records from the specified date.