The ‘Export’ feature allows you to export data from a ConnectALL installation so that it can be imported into a different ConnectALL installation. This can be used to move selected connections and automations to a new ConnectALL installation. Although this function will not prevent you from moving automations from an older to a newer version of ConnectALL, we recommend moving data between installations on the same version.

This is intended to be a permanent migration. Once exported, the exported automations will be permanently disabled on the old server.

The Export Configurations feature is not automatically enabled. Until you enable this, Export Configurations and Import Configurations will not appear under the Settings cogwheel menu. Please contact ConnectALL Support to help walk you through enabling and using this feature. 

The ConnectALL data that you can export includes the following: 

  • Groups
  • Users
  • Connections
  • Automations (Enabled)
  • Automations (Disabled)
  • API Keys
  • User Fields
  • Value Stream Models
  • Universal Adapters
  • Email Settings
  • Property Files


The status of the automations upon importing will be retained as is. All the disabled automations will remain disabled and the enabled automations will stay in the enabled status. Therefore, you may want to disable your automations before doing the export to give you time to examine the imported automations in the new system before syncing resumes.


To permanently export your data to move to another server, follow the below procedure.

  1. Click or hover over the Settings cogwheel icon on the top right corner of the navigation bar.
  2. Click Export Configurations from the drop-down menu. This will bring up the Export Configurations screen.

  3. On this screen, the Groups, Users, Connections, Value Stream Models, Universal Adapters, Email Settings, and Property Files groups are automatically selected. If you would like to also export your automations, check the box to # Automations (Enabled) and/or # Automations (Disabled). If you have no automations under the Automations (Enabled) or Automations (Disabled) sections, their respective checkbox(es) will be grayed out. Skip this step if you do not have or would not like to export any automations.

  4. Checking either Automations box will bring up the Select Automations popup screen. Click the checkbox next to any automations you would like to export. You can use the search bar to locate any automation by name. To quickly select them all, click the checkbox next to All. Once you have chosen the automation(s) to export, click the Save button.

  5. At the bottom of the Export Configurations screen, you will see a message reminding you that exported automations are permanently disabled. Again, the purpose of this feature is for a permanent migration. If you are OK with that, type the word Acknowledge in the search bar. This will unlock the Export button.

  6. Click Export. When you click, ConnectALL will check for any active polls.
    1. If any poll is detected – ConnectALL will display the warning, "One or More Automation(s) is in process. Please try again once processing gets completed”. Click OK to return to the export screen and wait for the poll to complete.
    2. If no poll is detected – ConnectALL proceeds with the export.
  7. After clicking Export, you will see a link to a zip file in the bottom-right of your screen. Click Download to get the zip file containing the elements you've chosen to export.

You have completed the export.  The exported file name will be ""  where XXXX-XX-XX_XX-XX-XX is the timestamp.

Important Information
  • All the exported automations will be unscheduled and further synchronization will not be allowed. Also, upon completion of the export, you will not be able to do the following actions for the exported automations:
    • Enabling an automation
    • Disabling an automation
    • Clone, Edit, Delete your automation
  • You will not see your automations under Automation Schedules on the Dashboard.
  • You will not be able to export an already exported automation.
  • Besides automations, you will be able to export all other data any number of times.

Re-enabling/Rescheduling the Automation

Once an automations exported, it will be unscheduled. Exported automations cannot be re-enabled or rescheduled. Should you try, you will see a popup error message that looks like this:

Due to the permanent nature of this export feature, we recommend that this should be used under the direction and guidance of the ConnectALL support team. Please contact our support team to set up time to do so.