We have evaluated CVE-2022-22963 and CVE-2022-22965, the "Springshell" vulnerability, and have determined that ConnectALL is not vulnerable. Details are posted on this page.


ConnectALL notifies users via email in the event of certain failures. Here are some examples:

  • Application Outage – when ConnectALL fails to connect to configured ALM applications.
  • Database Outage – when ConnectALL fails to connect to the database server.
  • Sync Failure – when ConnectALL fails to synchronize a record. 
  • Conflict – when ConnectALL detects a recording conflict.
  • License Renewal notices and License Expiration.
  • Dynamic Linking Failure.
  • And others.

In addition to email notification, the alarms can be viewed in the GUI. Click the  icon on the right top of the screen to view alarms. A DB outage won't be available in View Alarms screen as they are not persistent.

If you are using version 2.10.4 or later versions

To quickly find an alarm, you can use the filters at the top of the Alarms list (displayed below).

Manage Alarms

Alarms can be controlled at the application link level. Manage Alarms link allows you to enable/disable alarms specific to application links as shown in the below screenshot. Open the Manage Alarms page by selecting the Configuration -> Alarms menu or by selecting the link at the bottom of the page.

Note: Since the database is critical to the operation of ConnectALL, the DB outage alarm cannot be disabled.

Click on the Edit link against the application link to control the alarms. This will open a dialogue window to edit the configurations as explained below. 

Configure Notifications

The Edit Notifications screen allows you to configure the notifications in such a way that you can allow each alarm type notifications to be separately enabled/disabled for a user(s). To help you achieve this, the screen lets you add the user’s email addresses and select the alarm type(s) for which a user can receive the notification.

To configure the notifications:

  • Click the Edit link against the app-link for which you want to configure the notifications.  The below screen is displayed with the recipients’ list and alarm type.
  • Select the required alarm types against the user to receive the notifications.


  • By default, the alarm types checkboxes are checked after you add an email address to the recipient list. You can clear a checkbox if you don’t want the user to receive a notification for a specific alarm type.
  • Clicking the Apply to all checkbox selects all the alarm types against all the users. Based on your requirement, you can retain the selection or clear it.

If you are using version or later versions

The alarms screen includes a new set of recipients that can be easily selected and added to receive notifications.

The ConnectALL Admin (Global Recipients) includes all the email addresses that you have included in the Email Settings screen (Email To field).  

Notifications of Conflict by Project

Conflict notifications can be controlled at the project level. This is helpful when you have multi-project mappings in your application link. Currently, Jira supports multi-project mapping, so this feature is only supported for Jira with multi-project mapping configuration. Click the Configure link from Manage Alarms screen to specify the email address to be notified at the project level in the event of a conflict.

Click the radio button to select the enabled application and click Load Projects button to view the list of projects mapped. Then enter email address specific to the project and click the Save Configuration button.