User guide

ConnectALL is a Value Stream Integration hub. This system allows many mappings between applications. It has two parts:

  • A web-based user interface which is used by an administrator to maintain connections application and field and value mappings between applications. (ConnectALL is optimized for Chrome and Firefox.)
  • A back-end server that monitors changes in connected application instances and synchronizes those changes to other application instances according to the aforementioned configuration.

ConnectALL has been created with the concept of integrating agile lifecycle and DevOps applications across an enterprise or between separate entities.


ConnectALL is platform-independent and can be deployed onto Windows Servers as well as Unix/Linux systems. 


ConnectALL is set up as its own tier and is a central point of communications between all application instances connected.  

ConnectALL's capabilities are limitless. ConnectALL is used to integrate emergency alarms at a power company help desk. The platform has also enabled a web sales company to integrate sales, shipping, order fulfillment, and inventory seamlessly in near real-time. It can trigger builds and deployments. And with our patent-pending Universal Adapter, ConnectALL can integrate bespoke and in-house developed applications as well as applications that didn't even exist when we built ConnectALL.

Terms and Definitions

ApplicationAn application like Jira, HP QC, Microsoft Project, Microsoft TFS, etc.
Application LinkA mapping of fields and values between 2 application instances.
AdapterA piece of code written by ConnectALL for each application.
App InstanceApp Instance is a specific instantiation (end point) of an app, for example, and are instances of a JIRA App.
Work itemWork Items are units of information managed by an ALM or DevOps application, such as a Defect or Issue in JIRA, a Portfolio Item or Backlog Item in VersionOne, etc.
FieldA Field is a unique piece of data included in a Work Item. For example, the Issue Number in a JIRA Issue Work Item is a Field.
Entity MappingEntity mapping is the process of specifying the relationship between two ALM/DevOps tools so they can be integrated. This includes specifying the domain, project and issue type to be synchronized and the conflict management strategy to be used.
Field MappingField Mapping is the process of specifying the fields to be synchronized between two ALM/DevOps tools and the method of synchronization to be used for each field.
Conflict ManagementConflict Management is the process of specifying how synchronization conflicts between two ALM/DevOps tools are resolved. 


An application instance can be used with as many application links wanted. For a new application instance, a new license must be purchased. Licenses are per application instance.