ConnectALL Runtime Monitor Application


The ConnectALL Runtime monitor application captures the basic details of the deployment environment along with the thread-dumps and generates a report that helps to troubleshoot an issue. The report can be generated once the application is deployed, and if you attach the report to a support ticket, troubleshooting an issue becomes easier. The report:

  • Captures application statistics and JVM statistics
  • Captures configuration property details
  • Captures thread-dumps of the application

Follow the steps provided below to deploy the application and to generate the report. Note that you will be able to use this feature only if your ConnectALL version is 2.10.16 or above.

Steps to deploy 

Note: Starting from version 2.10.17, ConnectALL installer comes bundled with the runtime monitor application. So when you upgrade the product you will have this application installed and ready to use. 

  1. Download the runtime monitor application.
  2. Copy the zip into the $MULE_HOME/apps directory.
  3. Confirm if the zip file ( is extracted and an anchor.txt (ca-runtime-monitor-0.0.2-anchor.txt) is created, which denotes a successful deployment.

Steps to generate the report 

The below steps are provided considering that the ConnectALL Application is running in localhost.

  1. Navigate to http://localhost:9081/runtime/report?apikey=<<apikey>> from your supported browser. An HTML report will be generated and rendered with the download links at the top.
    Note: To access this report, the user must already have a valid API key generated. To know how to generate API keys, click here.
  2. Click the download links to download the report. 

Note that every time you hit this URL, a new report will be generated and all the reports are saved at $MULE_HOME/monitor-report for future reference. The data that you download is encrypted. An image of a report is provided below.