ConnectALL will synchronize the destination record id, back to the source record so that the user do not need to come to ConnectALL and search in the Dashboard to know what is the ID of the synchronized record in destination. Consider an automation between Jira and Agility synchronizing the Backlog items to Jira Stories. When a user creates a Jira Story, ConnectALL synchronized it to Agility and update the Jira record back with the Agility record id. So that the user will be able to map what is the mapping record in Agility without the need to go to ConnectALL dashboard.

Step-by-step guide

Synchronize RecordId

Inorder to synchronize this record linking information to the destination fields, in the field mapping 

  1. Map the Jira Key field to a Custom field in Agility
  2. Map the Agility Id field to a custom field in Jira 

With this mapping done, when a record is synchronized from Jira to Agility by ConnectALL, the newly created Agility record id will be updated back to original record in the CA_External_ID customfield; and similarly if the record is synchronized from Agility to Jira by ConnectALL, then the newly created Jira record id will be updated back to Custom_QAID2 field in Agility. 

Synchronizing URL 

In addition to the unique record id's ConnectALL can also synchronize a URL of the newly created destination record, back to the original source record if the _URL field is mapped to a custom URL, text fields. 

The configuration shown above will synchronize the URL of the newly created record to Agility record "Reference" field, so that the user will get a clickable link in Agility to navigate to the mapped Jira record.

_URL field is not a standard feature for all the ConnectALL adapters, and will vary from application to application.

Additional ID fields

If you want to synchronize additional ID fields then ConnectALL will allow you to configure them in a property and so it can read and update the corresponding fields back to the source record. For example if you would like to synchronize the readable record id like "B-01432" along with internal record id like "Story:35568", then

  1. Map the Agility Number field to a custom field in Jira
  2. Add a property in $MULE_HOME/conf/ in the format <ApplicationLinkName>.reference.fields=<field_id>

    # Say if the Application link name is JiraDemoStory2V1TestBacklogItem

    The value for the property can be delimited by comma ',' if you have multiple ID fields to be synchronized back to the source application record. 

    This feature is designed to work with ID fields mapped to text custom fields only, mapping dropdown fields or other standard, custom fields might not yield the expected results.  

Important Information

ConnectALL allows you to sync the value of only one ID field at a time using the record-linking feature. If you want to sync more than one ID field, add them as reference fields in the property file, as explained below. Say you have a Jira<–>Rally automation in which you have mapped and tried to sync the 'Object ID' and 'Formatted ID' fields from Rally to Jira. In this scenario, the 'Formatted ID' field will not sync; but the Object ID field will sync. If you have to sync only the 'Formatted ID' field, map it alone without including the Object ID field in the Field Mapping section (or) to sync both, 

Add the Object ID and Formatted ID fields as additional reference fields in the ConnectALL properties file to sync both fields successfully.


In the above property, note that 'jiraandrallydynamic' is the name of the automation, and 'FormattedID' and 'ObjectID' are the fields.