Why even after importing SSL Certificate in ConnectALL its working in Tomcat but not in Mule?

This is because, when importing SSL certificate via ConnectALL, by default ConnectALL will try to import the certificate to the JAVA_HOME\jre\lib\security\cacerts location. But, when there are multiple versions of JDK running in ConnectALL, then there are possible chances that Tomcat and Mule will be pointing to different JAVA_HOME. So, the certificate imported to one location may not be available in the other JAVA location pointed by Mule.

To resolve this issue, follow the below steps:

  1. Stop mule service
  2. In ConnectALL UI, go to Configuration -> SSL Import menu
  3. Under the keystore path, it will show the jdk path as xxxxx/jdk-xxxx/jre/lib/security/cacerts
  4. Copy this path in a notepad or in any editor
  5. Take only the JAVA_HOME path which is xxxx/jdk-xxxx and append it as xxxxx/jdk-xxxxxx/bin/java
  6. Take a backup of MULE_HOME/apps directory and MULE_HOME/conf/wrapper.conf file to any backup location
  7. Now open MULE_HOME/conf/wrapper.conf in an editor (preferably wordpad)
  8. Look for the keyword - wrapper.java.command
  9. Edit the key value as shown below (i.e. change the path to the one in notepad which is modified) and save the changes. Start the mule service.

Existing: wrapper.java.command=java

Modify as: wrapper.java.command=xxxxx/jdk-xxxxxx/bin/java