To know how ConnectALL handles the Log4j 2 vulnerability issue, please read the article here.

How to bulk export JIRA users’ Account Identifier/UserID

Login to JIRA (Cloud) as an “Admin” user, then select “JIRA Software”

You should see a list of your available JIRA projects.
Select “People” from the left sidebar

Then select “Manage Users”

Then click “Export users”

Then, select options for export:

  • All users on the site
  • Only Active Users

(This will give a list of UNIQUE, active JIRA users)
Then click Download File to generate an Excel XLS table.

Example Output below. Notice that column A has the new User “identifier” (cryptic token-like id number string) and Column B has the user’s Display Name.

Now, you can combine this data with your data for the other endpoint, say Microfocus ALM, to make a table suitable for import to the “Value Map” for some User field mapping.
An example might be mapping “Reporter” (JIRA) to “Assigned To” in ALM. Both fields are “User” fields and newer versions of ConnectAll require having user Value Mapping in order to work properly. Cloud JIRA uses the GDPR User ID (token) instead of the old human readable userID still used with on-premise JIRA. ON-Premise JIRA still needs value-mapping if userID’s in both endpoints are not identical.
NOTE: We expect Atlassian to implement GDPR restrictions on On-Premise at any time, causing this process to be necessary with on-premise.

Example of spreadsheet ready for import using MicroFocus ALM (left side) and JIRA Cloud (right side):

Now, you can IMPORT this spreadsheet (CSV) into your User/User field map’s Value Mapping.

IF you are using JIRA On-Premise (NOT Cloud), an alternative method to creating and importing the value-map list for your users might be to take advantage of the new “Automatic User Value Mapping” feature introduced in ConnectAll 2.9.9, where you can direct ConnectAll to match up users from both endpoints based on having the same email address.