Test Steps are Design Steps of a Test Case cannot be synced to the destination?


As of version 2.1.1 ConnectAll, can only sync test steps from HP QC to Zephyr for Jira, also the design steps in the HP QC testcase cannot be created/edited. 

Below are some of the most common reasons

  1. Only HP QC version 11.5 and above are supported to sync the test steps.
  2. Configurations are not defined in ConnectAll for Zephyr for JIRA issue type and Test Steps field
  3. Make sure the field mapping is defined, for "Steps" > "Zephyr Test Step"
  4. Make sure to have Step Name, Step Result fields have values. A test step cannot be synced without these values in the test steps.
Important Info
  • When you synchronize an ALM record/project after modifying a test-step alone, and if you want that lone change to reflect in the sync — it will get updated to the other application only when that particular project has version control enabled in it. (i.e) Any lone update will be synced successfully only if you have enabled version control in that particular project that enables you to check in and check out a project.
  • If you do not have version control enabled, then, a lone, isolated modification (i.e a change in a test step) in a record will not get updated when you synchronize that record.  In such a situation, if you want the changes to the test step to sync, then, you need to do some other modifications to the record along with the changes to the test-step. This will ensure the syncing of that particular change (changes to the test step), when that record is synchronized.