Rally allows the users to rename the Item types under Portfolio Items to rename from "Initiative", "EPIC" to any other custom specific type. When the issue types are renamed then the Resource API's to pull the metadata information and to perform the CRUD operations will change, and hence users will not be able to define the automations or sync records. 

ConnectALL exposes an option to specify the alias name for these issue types so that the user can enter the renamed types, and proceed with defining the automation to sync the records.

For example, If you have renamed the Initiative to EPIC in Rally as shown below, follow the steps defined below to configure the automation

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. When creating the automation, in the Entity Mapping tab select the issue type that was renamed and then enter the renamed values in alias as shown below. 
  2. Proceed with the rest of the field configuration by clicking configure fields and save the automation

If you see an error message saying the "Requested type name \"portfolioitem/epic\" is unknown.", then add the "Project permission" for the user to have an "Editor" access.

Modifying existing automations with alias

If you already have an automation configured with some records synchronized by ConnectALL, and later you wish to rename the issue type and set the alias in the configuration you might encounter the below issues. 

  1. Duplicate records in your destination system
  2. Record updations failed with record not found for the previously synced records

Follow the steps in the below work around to avoid getting the above issues when changing the alias name

  1. Stop the ConnectALL core service.
  2. Modify the automation in ConnectALL and the change the Issuetype and alias as required
  3. Save the configuration
  4. Connect to your ConnectALL database using your favorite SQL editor
  5. Execute the below update statement to change record ids using original issuetype with new alias name. In the below example we modified the issuetype name 'initiative' to 'epic' and set the alias as 'portfolioitem/epic' in ConnectALL for the applciation link name 'RallyInitiative2JiraFeature'.

    MySql database data correction

    update record_map set source_record_id = replace(source_record_id, '/initiative/', '/epic/') where source_record_id like '%/initiative/%' and source_app_id like 'RallyInitiative2JiraFeature%';
    update record_map set dest_record_id = replace(dest_record_id, '/initiative/', '/epic/') where dest_record_id like '%/initiative/%' and source_app_id like 'RallyInitiative2JiraFeature%';
  6. Commit the changes

  7. Start the ConnectALL core service.