We have evaluated CVE-2022-22963 and CVE-2022-22965, the "Springshell" vulnerability, and have determined that ConnectALL is not vulnerable. Details are posted on this page.

Unable to connect to JIRA Cloud or JIRA Cloud synchronization fails intermittently(401 Unauthorized Exceptions)


Jira Cloud connectivity fails with the correct password and Basic Auth box checked for the application link. If 401 Unauthorized Exceptions message received in Tomcat and Mule logs.


Update the password using Jira API Token in password field with Basic Auth enabled under Configuration tab while editing/creating an application link to resolve the connectivity issue. 

Update the Sync User password as well with Jira API Token under Advanced Properties in Entity Mapping tab while editing/creating an application link for seamless synchronization from/to JIRA Cloud.

NOTE : Ensure that you provide the email address and API token value in the Username and Password field respectively.

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