We have evaluated CVE-2022-22963 and CVE-2022-22965, the "Springshell" vulnerability, and have determined that ConnectALL is not vulnerable. Details are posted on this page.

Linking an application link to a connection


ConnectALL has enhanced the "Manage connections" feature in our 2.9.8 release. With the new changes, URLs and Credentials are now modified directly from the Connections screen, rather than from each application link. This new feature allows you to manage all the applications link in one screen, enabling easier maintenance of application links.


After upgrading ConnectALL to 2.9.8 you may notice the message shown below when modifying an application link. This article will guide you through the process of mapping your application link to the appropriate connections. 


Navigate to the "Connections" screen from the "Configuration" menu item to display a list of all application endpoints, then perform the following actions:

For some of the application endpoints, you may notice a small "Warning" icon displayed under the Action column
  1. Click the link on the number displaying "Applinks Configured" column to open a modal dialog
  2. The modal dialog should now display your application link names that this endpoint is configured with
  3. Click on "Relate Links" button to associate your application links with the Connection. 

Refer to "Linking an existing application with a connection name" section in the Connections user guide for more details and screenshots in performing the listed actions.