The minimum scheduling interval through the UI is 1 minute which is near real-time. However, it is possible to change the interval in seconds via configuration files. 

We can specify the schedule in cron expression in the json file.

Edit the json file, $CONNECTALL_HOME/ConnectAllApplication_CONNECTION_{applink_name}.json. and update the following property

"cronExpression": "1/30 * * 1/1 * ? *" 

Note: The above schedule runs for every 30 seconds.

It is recommended to give a sufficient interval for sync to process all the modified records, therefore we restricted it to 1 minute in ConnectAll GUI. It can be further reduced based on the business need and peak load expected to be sync'ed.

The components of the cronExpression are as follows:

  • Seconds
  • Minutes
  • Hours
  • Day-of-Month
  • Month
  • Day-of-Week
  • Year (optional field)

In order to specify seconds, ConnectALL makes use of the Quartz-scheduler cron expression, not a regular Unix cron expression.