ConnectALL v1.16 Release Notes

New Connectors

1) ServiceNow - Service management software integration

2) Microsoft Project Server - Project management software integration

Event based sync - PUSH

New REST API to receive PUSH requests from any integrated ALM application to sync data. [Alternate to default POLL data from ALM systems]. 

Option to switch between Sync Types in the user interface. Refer to the below image.

Edit URL

Enabled URL editing in an existing application link.

Change Datatype 

Allows inline editing of datatype in Field Mapping. Click on the icon against the field and it will display the below page with the current datatype selected, change the datatype on the appropriate connector and save. 

Note: Currently, this feature is available only for JIRA and HP ALM/Quality Center integration only.

User Management

Removed the case sensitivity from the user name during login and LDAP synchronization (especially when configured with Oracle Database).

Release Notes


  • CA-1118 ConnectALL - MS Project Server Integration
  • GOS-1549 ServiceNow Connector, PUSH implementation


  • CA-1357 Update the Json files when Re-configuring the URL in the existing application link
  • CA-1085 Status value mapping screen should show/brining only valid states for the issue type I choose
  • CA-1076 Identify the comment user
  • CA-1344 Custom field with Wiki rendering format in Jira is not transforming with Format
  • CA-987 Limit the number of records synced with an evaluation license and the sync start time has a value
  • CA-1014 Make login user ID case insensitive 
  • CA-1251 Expose Jira REST api to add/edit/delete comment with the given author name
  • CA-1114 Refactor TFS Connector to Mule Cloud Connector
  • CA-1208 Ability to create a Jira subtask on an existing user story by supplying the parent id
  • CA-1388 CA displays SN ID which is not easy to search in SNow after a Successful Sync
  • CA-1430 Display application link name on mapping screen


  • CA-1061 ConnectALL installer with Non- sudo users having issues in creating the backup 
  • CA-1287 Sync of Versions doesnt work between JIRA and ALM
  • CA-1396 Jira group picker field sync failed
  • CA-1347 Jira Subtask synchronizing is not working
  • CA-1324 Required Custom fields in the status transition screens were failing the issue update
  • CA-1352 Jira Status Conflicted when transformed frequently between the systems
  • CA-1221 The confirmation dialog disappears automatically.
  • CA-1207 Cannot cancel the load version process by clicking the “Cancel” button on the “OK to Proceed?” confirmation pop up.
  • CA-1310 ZKOSS - Configuration UI is not getting removed as in Old Version
  • CA-1315 Licence Configuration -Valid Licence not accepted, getting added same time successfully
  • CA-1293 Delete application link not removing the mapping from groups
  • CA-1321 User managment not loading the self user with ADMIN role
  • CA-1397 LDAP Sync creating duplicate users without checking the case sensitivity
  • CA-1187 Mule dead.letter queue pile up with exception mule messages
  • CA-1051 TFS SDK crashes due to in-memory hsqldb
  • CA-1176 ConnectionPool has limitation to initialize more than one connection
  • CA-1259 Not able to upload new license - Invalid license error is shown