ConnectALL v1.15 Release Notes

ALM 12.20 compatible

Enhanced ConnectAll to support the newer version of ALM.

User Management Enhancement - CONTRIBUTOR Role

A new role CONTRIBUTOR has been introduced. Any user with this role will have permission to Enable/Disable Application Link, Modify - Entity Mapping, Filed Mapping. User with this role will have only View privileges to Configuration tab and will not be able to edit username / password. Additionally, like other users this user will have permission to Dashboard as well.

User Management Enhancement - Sync New LDAP User

Now, its not necessary to do synchronisation to ConnectALL from LDAP for every new user getting added. User(s) whose authentication is successful via LDAP (if LDAP authentication is enabled), then the user will be automatically added to the ConnectALL database as a valid user with USER role.

User Management Enhancement - Group Admin can add LDAP User

Now, Group Admin has provision to search for any user (local or LDAP user) and add the user(s) to the group(s) to which they belong.

Control Jira Remote Link Creation

Exposed option to disable / enable JIRA Remote Link creation for the linked records.

Release Notes


  • CA-1115 QC 12.20 support in ConnectAll
  • CA-1045 Exposing REST API for User Management


  • CA-1013 Dynamically add new user when integrated with LDAP
  • CA-1035 Editor role and or admin role cannot modify Confiugration tab details.
  • CA-1049 For anyone with Admin Role, allow then to add new user(from LDAP) to the group
  • CA-1060 Option to enable/disable Jira Remote link creation
  • CA-882 Expose an additional ClearQuest Id field on Field Mapping page


  • CA-982 Attachments with ASCII characters in name is synchronized with Junk characters
  • CA-1126 Value mapping with Unidirection is not working
  • CA-1127 JAM - CA migration - Field direction not updated correctly
  • CA-1074 Entering invalid /old license should show the error message in the UI
  • CA-1095 Value mapping + Default Value mapping - mandatory field check missing
  • CA-1073 Clearing for the detected in release & cycle fields in Jira is not clearing the value in QC
  • CA-1173 Session issue on Jira On-Demand version - Sandbox
  • CA-1109 Jira is fetching only 50 modified records even if it’s more than that