ConnectALL v1.14 Release Notes

Migration to ConnectALL made easy!

REST API is introduced in ConnectALL to migrate application mappings from external tools such as JaM plugin. It allows external integration tools to create new mapping in ConnectALL. Also it allows migration of record mappings synchronized by JaM which prevents the sync'ed records being reprocessed by ConnectALL again.

Perforce Connector

Now it is possible to integrate Perforce SCM tool with ConnectALL. For eg. Perforce jobs can be synced with JIRA issues for better traceability.

HP ALM 12.01 Support

ConnectALL is compatible with HP ALM 12.01

DOORS 9.6.1 Support

ConnectALL is compatible up to the latest IBM release DOORS DWA 9.6.1

LDAP Integration

Now, users from LDAP can be synchronized so that any LDAP user can login to ConnectALL with LDAP credentials. LDAP authentication can either be enabled or disabled based on users need. Now, the synchronized LDAP users can be managed via user management (password cannot be managed). Also, search and limit records functionality is implemented under User Management.

Default Value Mapping

Now, ConnectALL has enabled default value mapping during applications link creation. When value mapping cannot be provided for all values (either text field or drop down list) then by providing/choosing a default value the default value mapping can be enabled.

This means, when a value mapping is not available for a field data, then this default value (if available) will be synchronized.

Unidirectional Sync on Application level

Now, it is easy to configure unidirectional sync configuration without a poll query at application level. Restrict the Create / Update at the application level. eg, create can be blocked and the update is enabled to the application with simple configuration as depicted below.

When the create is unchecked on the application, creation of record will not happen to the application. But, create has to be selected at-least on one application.


Inline edit - Sync direction of field

It is easy to edit the sync direction of field inline while modifying application link. It is required to remove the field when there is an change in sync direction until previous version of ConnectALL.

Release Notes


  • CA-30 Implement Perforce Connector
  • CA-975 REST services for JaM migration
  • CA-879 Raise Alarms at Application link level
  • CA-924 Hierarchical Display of DOORS Catalog
  • CA-871 Uni-Directional Sync on Application level


  • CA-885 Add Delegated LDAP Integration to ConnectALL
  • CA-900 Option to edit 'sync direction' for mapped fields
  • CA-1004 Jira - Support Watcher field
  • CA-936 Reading doors field meta takes too long - cache the field meta data in server memory for 60 minutes
  • CA-864 QC - handle Release and cycle fields
  • CA-925 Remove the issuetype field from the "required" field list since it was already selected in the entity tab
  • CA-935 Doors object text field displays as html (eb <strong>) in the QC description field
  • CA-953 Jira - Jira Multi Status transition while creating issue
  • CA-933 DOORS compatibility test
  • CA-966 Configurable DOORS connection timeout
  • CA-973 Option to bypass LDAP authentication
  • CA-967 Default value for non mapped values of select fields - Value mapping screen


  • CA-869 ALM 12.01 compatibility 
  • CA-978 Modify DOORS application link throws error