ConnectALL v1.13 Release Notes

Seapine Attachment Support

Now, ConnectALL supports Seapine attachment sync.

Alarm on Conflict

Introduced new alarm to be raised on record conflicts. The notification email will have consolidated list of conflicted fields of each record when there is a conflict occurs.

Sample Email:

Easy to inject Business Rules

ConnectALL has Custom Business Rules into the Mule flows.

Records user and IP details on mapping

User who made the change and their IP address are recorded on mapping configuration.

Mapping View page :

Load Versions:

Group Admin can manage their own group

User Management is extended to maintain their own group by its group-admin.

  • Group-admin can create/edit/delete new users on their group.
  • Creation/Deletion of group is restricted only to admin (System Admin).
  • Group-admin can make a request to delete its own group via system, an email request will be sent to System-Admin for group deletion.
Report – who has not logged in x days

Added a new report to find users who has not logged in x days into Reports section.

Release Notes


  • CA-902 Attachment support on Seapine Connector
  • CA-832 Business Rules injection in Mule Flows
  • CA-779 CA - Create Report – who has not logged in x days
  • CA-781 Each group should have a delete user and delete my group option. 
  • CA-838 Log and display who (and what ip address) made the configuration mapping
  • CA-872 Integrate SeaPine Defect with DOORS


  • CA-721 Raise alarm on Conflict
  • CA-899 Sync support for Seapine defect fields in Details tab
  • CA-907 Sync Seapine User fields without value mapping


  • CA-873 Doors record locking issue
  • CA-694 Need Indicators for required fields on connector links
  • CA-852 CQ - Failure records not updating the last updated time in the database
  • CA-855 Disable All / Enable All is not working for the CA Admin user
  • CA-856 Delete Application link delete the files before the user confirms
  • CA-859 Dashboard - Activity monitor not showing the failure messages
  • CA-860 Clone option allows to create application link with spaces in between
  • CA-862 Comments are synchronized even comment field is not mapped
  • CA-866 Sprint field support in Jira6
  • CA-867 Dashboard works only with mule services running on default port - Activity & Scheduler Details
  • CA-874 Editing value mapping is causing Out of memory error
  • CA-904 Jira Server time not returned on getModifiedRecords invocation
  • CA-911 Change the Doors connector to only retrieve modules, i.e., not views