ConnectALL v1.12 Release Notes

HP ALM 12 Compatibility

Now, ConnectALL is compatible to integrate with HP's latest ALM 12. It is easy, and same as integrating ALM 11+ versions.

Email configuration made easy!

We've added new configuration page on ConnectALL GUI to simplify email configuration.

  • It is possible to send notifications to multiple recipients.
  • Managing recipient's email ids, does not require server restart.

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Email configurations are moved from to a new file under $MULE_HOME/conf.

For ConnectALL upgrade: It is necessary to configure mail server from the GUI again and should remove email properties from


Sync DOORS requirement links

ConnectALL links DOORS requirements between modules using external links.

Consider a scenario, where Business Analyst creates the requirements in DOORS, which will be decomposed by developers into smaller JIRA sub-tasks. He wants to see the traceability of developer tasks in DOORS.

We've improved ConnectALL to synchronize JIRA Requirement/Sub-task hierarchy to DOORS. The hierarchy will be established between requirements in two different modules, as depicted in the diagram.

The synchronization is bi-directional, i.e. any changes in DOORS stories will sync back to JIRA and vice versa.

Sync JIRA Parent-Child links to QC

In addition to "Relates" link, Parent-Child link in JIRA is supported.

It synchronizes Parent-Child link from JIRA to QC.

Parent-Child links are synchronized into QC Requirements with nested structure. For eg.

Sync QC Requirement / Test Case coverage links

The synchronization of QC Requirement / Test Coverage to DOORS is supported in this release. Additionally, it will synchronize the coverage between DOORS requirements and testcases in Test Tracking Module to QC with Coverage links.

This feature is supported between JIRA / QC as well.

Installer Improvements

Added few validations on our new installer to ensure seamless installation process.

  • Introduced option to test connection on DB configuration screen.
  • Validates existence of Mule on every install/upgrade.
  • Creates DB tables only when table does not exist.
  • Ensure DB server is running while performing install/upgrade.


Reports is a new addition in this release.

  • It might be useful to see Records sync'ed over period of time.
  • It provides application wise report (for eg. Jira, QC, DOORs etc)
  • It generates a graph for each application on the fly.

More reports will be released in the subsequent releases (smile)

Release Notes


  • [CA-736] - HP ALM 12 compatibility
  • [CA-726] - Sync DOORs requirement links
  • [CA-735] - Empty values has to be synchronized to the destination
  • [CA-759] - Attachment synchronization by streaming the content
  • [CA-775] - Reporting feature
  • [CA-805] - Sync Jira Parent-Child links to create hierarchy of Requirements in QC


  • [CA-724] - Email configuration on GUI
  • [CA-760] - Handle sync on application outage
  • [CA-768] - Document increasing heap solves lack of polling
  • [CA-773] - Rally - Add new fields added in the new API
  • [CA-776] - Link Doors Testcases with Requirements
  • [CA-787] - GUI startup check to verify required environment variables
  • [CA-795] - Document steps to install Doors version of CA


  • [CA-632] - SPIKE - Active application links are diabled automatically over period of time
  • [CA-750] - Comment Handler ignores Sync direction and always work for Bidirection
  • [CA-769] - Resetting of Admin password changes the role from CA-Admin to normal User role
  • [CA-770] - Cloned links are not displayed in the group where the clones are created.
  • [CA-772] - Once we assign /create a link to group we can’t remove them from the group.
  • [CA-774] - CQ Update failure ignored
  • [CA-817] - Sync Start Time does not skip whitespaces in value
  • [CA-826] - Installer issues on Sprint 12 beta
  • [CA-829] - NotSerializableException on PropertiesConfiguration
  • [CA-833] - Rally - attachment not synchronized from Rally to other connectors
  • [CA-834] - Scheduling should not be done when the Connections has the same scheduling
  • [CA-836] - Jira - Jira Multi status synchronization caused conflict in update
  • [CA-837] - Attachment sync fails when jira password has special characters like '&'