ConnectALL v1.11 Release Notes


Alarms, Improved Scheduler, Issue Linking, Rally API upgrade.

Release Notes



  • [CA-554] - Project hierarchical view in the ConnectALL GUI
  • [CA-612] - Have the ability to schedule connector configuration in ConnectALL
  • [CA-680] - ConnectALL installer Improvements
  • [CA-692] - Suppress Spring security information during GUI startup
  • [CA-696] - Apply scheduling configuration without mule restart
  • [CA-707] - Add change password for Mappings and DB configuration
  • [CA-715] - Make Dashboard accessible to all user controlled by groups and permissions
  • [CA-732] - Issue Linking support for JIRA Epic


  • [CA-695] - Rally - Linking user story with the defects
  • [CA-708] - Performance Test - Sprint 11
  • [CA-733] - Clearquest 8.0.1 compatibility check

Technical task

  • [CA-691] - Configuring the Value in UI for Each Application Link
  • [CA-701] - GUI changes for scheduler services
  • [CA-718] - DB Table design to store alarms
  • [CA-719] - Raise alarm on configured application outage
  • [CA-720] - Raise alarm on DB server outage
  • [CA-722] - Raise alarm on sync failure
  • [CA-723] - Dashboard widget to display Alarms


  • [CA-686] - Security context is missing in Modify ApplicationLink page
  • [CA-688] - Handle DB idle connections during DB restart scenario
  • [CA-699] - Accessing GUI after tomcat restart redirects to a blank page in some systems
  • [CA-704] - Reverse update is happening when Comment or attachment or issue link is updated
  • [CA-711] - No error message on User creation when there is no groups available.
  • [CA-727] - GUI fails to load CQ fields when Choicelist has no options / None
  • [CA-728] - CQ authorization issue while populating metadata
  • [CA-729] - Save mapping does not save group association
  • [CA-737] - Reference key is not updated to the source
  • [CA-738] - Update Group removes user-group association