ConnectALL v1.08 Release Notes


  1. Added support for DOORS, ClearQuest, and Rally.
  2. Added support for MySql and MS Sql Server.
  3. Store all record links in the database (ie record id mapping in the GUI is optional).

Release Notes - ConnectALL - Version Sprint 8


  • [CA-465] - First time poll fetches record created since 1970
  • [CA-478] - Transformer properties are missing in installer
  • [CA-479] - Load Defaults is not working for DOORS - JIRA
  • [CA-481] - Delete application link is not working
  • [CA-482] - Conflict test fails
  • [CA-483] - Sync datetime not working for DOORS - JIRA mapping
  • [CA-484] - Add setup.sql to installer
  • [CA-486] - Multiple record links created on retry
  • [CA-487] - Adding attachment from ClearQuest to JIRA not working
  • [CA-488] - Description text is getting cleared even if it has valid text
  • [CA-489] - Comments not synchronizing between JIRA and Seapine Testtrack
  • [CA-496] - Creating multiple test cases in JIRA
  • [CA-506] - Record id is not saved during the first synchronization
  • [CA-507] - Get modified records is throwing Axis fault exception in QC 10 Soap service
  • [CA-508] - Adding attachment from JIRA to QC 10 is not working
  • [CA-509] - Creating TTP test case not working
  • [CA-511] - Cannot create a QC 10 test case due to the Soap error node not found
  • [CA-512] - Adding comments from Jira to QC not Working


  • [CA-443] - Support connections to Rally

Technical task

  • [CA-445] - Support Rally in the GUI
  • [CA-446] - Create Rally Test Client