ConnectALL v1.07 Release Notes


Added support for DOORS and ClearQuest.

Release Notes - ConnectALL - Version Sprint 7


  • [CA-270] - For QC10, finding an issue by a filter returns all records not the specific record requested
  • [CA-315] - Record link custom fields lost after pressing Next on the Entity Mapping screen
  • [CA-327] - Add icons for JIRA 4 and Seapine/TCM and remove Perforce icon
  • [CA-328] - Creating a new license key of type Seapine is not uploaded successfully and no error is displayed
  • [CA-329] - Exception thrown while connecting to Seapine/TCM invalid cookie
  • [CA-334] - HTML error on GUI screen
  • [CA-339] - The first value mapping cannot be removed
  • [CA-347] - Config files ae overwritten on the project upgrade via the installer
  • [CA-351] - Editing the field mapping throws the error: parent and child must be in the same desktop
  • [CA-355] - Auth failed
  • [CA-371] - Disabling a connection does not notify the server of the change
  • [CA-372] - NPE loading the previous version of the mapping
  • [CA-373] - For Windows, the database folder has a backslash which causes the database not to be found
  • [CA-376] - Need atleast 3 characters for temp file prefix
  • [CA-380] - GUI fails with QC 10 - Cant find bundle for QC 10
  • [CA-384] - Null pointer when the user doesn't have create permission on the JIRA project.
  • [CA-386] - Error while adding field mapping if no fields are selected.
  • [CA-389] - Add the required field attribute to the json and the GUI
  • [CA-390] - brackets in QC comment eg "Doug Bass<dbass>" causes the parse to break
  • [CA-391] - Lack of span tag in QC 10 comments prevent the comment parser from delimiting each comment
  • [CA-393] - Attachment are not saved in QC 10
  • [CA-394] - The QC id is being saved in the QC JIRA id field
  • [CA-405] - Index out of bounds when parsing html description field
  • [CA-409] - For QC 10 the attachments and comments for requirements are synced from a defect instead
  • [CA-412] - Direction of field sync is incorrect, ie, its reversed
  • [CA-414] - QC 10 comments are synced even when comments are not in the meta data field list
  • [CA-415] - Unable to create or update requirements in QC 10
  • [CA-416] - QC 10 create requirement fails due to invalid password
  • [CA-429] - Create JIRA record fails becasue the xml parsing of the QC xml record fails
  • [CA-430] - Default project not sent to QC
  • [CA-438] - Sync of attachments from QC to JIRA work for defects but not test or requirements


  • [CA-138] - Throw an exception when the QC login fails
  • [CA-215] - Add help texts in ConnectALL GUI
  • [CA-318] - Raw html is shown in JIRA when a description field is synced from QC
  • [CA-325] - Add Linux as a supported platform for ConnectALL
  • [CA-333] - Ensure at least one active license is running before custom connections are functional
  • [CA-335] - Enable debug logging on hte GUI to help solve connection problems
  • [CA-336] - Display license in installer
  • [CA-346] - Add hte mule config json to the installer so customers dont have to configure it unless they change the default ports
  • [CA-359] - Stop the retry loop if the record has a subsequent change
  • [CA-374] - Add a unix startup script to the installer
  • [CA-375] - Set java home and connect all home in installed property files
  • [CA-378] - Add datetime to load version dialog
  • [CA-382] - Add a tool to duplicate existing connectors for multiple issue types and/or projects
  • [CA-385] - Add a drop down list of previously opened log files to the Log File path
  • [CA-388] - Remove the Modify App Link tooltip - it hides the button
  • [CA-396] - Change the destination project at runtime
  • [CA-397] - Store the record links in the ConnectALL database
  • [CA-426] - If the attachment sync fails the issue cannot be created


  • [CA-30] - Create a flow to synchronize JIRA and Perforce fields
  • [CA-155] - Write an ALM 10 Connector
  • [CA-262] - Support default values for fields in the flows
  • [CA-338] - Store record links in the database so the apps dont need a custom field added
  • [CA-356] - Document the formst of the json files
  • [CA-366] - Implement the poll query so not all records in the project will be synced
  • [CA-392] - Add more debugging to UI Connectors and Config Composer
  • [CA-395] - Provide option to change log level on UI
  • [CA-398] - Fix versioning issue - Current version is not saved when "Save as new version" is used.
  • [CA-408] - Add Doors in to UI
  • [CA-417] - Add Doors Connector to the Server flow
  • [CA-436] - Write ClearQuest Client
  • [CA-439] - Add clearquest support to the flows
  • [CA-441] - Add ClearQuest to UI


  • [CA-428] - ConnectAll is not syncing any data from JIRA to QC11


  • [CA-71] - Create a MuleSoft connector for Doors
  • [CA-123] - Port ConnectAll to JIRA 4
  • [CA-150] - Create performance lab/benchmark
  • [CA-178] - Document SeaPine connector

Technical task

  • [CA-154] - Write an OSLC connector to interface with the IBM Rational products
  • [CA-300] - install mule on efi test server
  • [CA-303] - Create special filters
  • [CA-304] - Change destination project due to the custom field in the record
  • [CA-331] - Update Doors Installation Documentation
  • [CA-332] - Install Doors 9.3/9.4 server and rest interface
  • [CA-410] - Make record links optional in the UI
  • [CA-411] - Poll project not configured but referenced in a real time project assignment
  • [CA-418] - Log into doors
  • [CA-419] - Disconnect from doors
  • [CA-420] - Get Server time
  • [CA-421] - Get records updated in the last minute
  • [CA-424] - Get records that match a query
  • [CA-425] - Write a junit test for the doors connector
  • [CA-431] - Create/Update Doors record