ConnectALL v1.06 Release Notes


Misc enhancements and bug fixes.

Change Notes

Release Notes - ConnectALL - Version Sprint 6


  • [CA-327] - Add icons for JIRA 4 and Seapine/TCM and remove Perforce icon
  • [CA-328] - Creating a new license key of type Seapine is not uploaded successfully and no error is displayed
  • [CA-329] - Exception thrown while connecting to Seapine/TCM invalid cookie
  • [CA-330] - NPE when loading previous versions
  • [CA-334] - HTML error on GUI screen
  • [CA-339] - The first value mapping cannot be removed
  • [CA-341] - Unable to load license file
  • [CA-342] - LOV has values listed for one server but not the other
  • [CA-343] - When mapping two JIRA instances, only one JIRA has the required column in the field map
  • [CA-345] - Trying to map two projects on the same JIRA saving the the projects always save it as the same project
  • [CA-347] - Config files ae overwritten on the project upgrade via the installer
  • [CA-351] - Editing the field mapping throws the error: parent and child must be in the same desktop
  • [CA-357] - GUI doesnt save the datatype when mapping two JIRA servers
  • [CA-362] - Pressing configure fields loses the setting for remote fields
  • [CA-369] - Fixed the session issue for value mapping
  • [CA-370] - Fix issue with defaults
  • [CA-373] - For Windows the database folder has a backslash which causes the database not to be found
  • [CA-376] - Need atleast 3 characters for temp file prefix


  • [CA-215] - Add help texts in ConnectALL GUI.
  • [CA-318] - Raw html is shown in JIRA when a description field is synced from QC
  • [CA-335] - Enable debug logging on hte GUI to help solve connection problems
  • [CA-336] - Display license in installer
  • [CA-346] - Add the mule config json to the installer, so customers don't have to configure it unless they change the default ports
  • [CA-360] - Make the field grid the same
  • [CA-361] - Show the change history in a grid so all changes can be seen at once
  • [CA-363] - Display the build # of the GUI
  • [CA-374] - Add a UNIX startup script to the installer
  • [CA-375] - Set java home and connect all home in installed property files


  • [CA-155] - Write an ALM 10 Connector
  • [CA-262] - Support default values for fields in the flows
  • [CA-337] - Use a different userid for sync-ing
  • [CA-365] - Inclide PollQuery (for filters) in the GUI as an advanced property
  • [CA-366] - Implement the poll query so not all records in the project are synced


  • [CA-123] - Port ConnectALL to JIRA 4
  • [CA-178] - Document SeaPine connector