ConnectALL v1.05 Release Notes


This version includes full support for the generic flow which ensures that all future connectors will be compatible with all other connectors. The following connectors are now supported: QC 10, QC 11, JIRA 4, JIRA 5, TFS, Seapine/TCM.

Change History


  • [CA-111] - Poll must be able to handle a locked record
  • [CA-191] - The remote issue link is not created on a JIRA issues until several minutes later
  • [CA-248] - Remote issue link is changed in the JIRA issue even though the link hasn't changed
  • [CA-263] - Running the installer a second time it forgets the previous installed folder
  • [CA-266] - The json does not contain the datatype for QC 10 fields
  • [CA-267] - Loading the TFS json displays an error
  • [CA-268] - Soap service is not returning values for all the requested fields
  • [CA-272] - The first time a new connector runs it passes a time-stamp in milliseconds to the connector, whereas the API specifies seconds should be passed
  • [CA-273] - SOAP service is returning char datatype for a select list
  • [CA-274] - With the generic JIRA connector I get connection refused intermittently
  • [CA-305] - Sync failed due to session timed out
  • [CA-310] - Cannot create a QC attachment - it thows an exception
  • [CA-315] - Record link custom fields lost after pressing Next on the Entity Mapping screen
  • [CA-321] - Adding a comment causes an attachment to be added again and again by the QC 11 connector


  • [CA-249] - Support QC 10 in the flows


  • [CA-192] - Add the tooltip text for test steps and results
  • [CA-193] - Use the remote link instead of a custom-field to link JIRA records to remote issues (eg qc)
  • [CA-207] - Add a json version # to the json file
  • [CA-237] - New log message for TFS is not needed
  • [CA-247] - Remove GenericConfigPoller class
  • [CA-253] - Convert the QC 11 connector to the generic workflow model
  • [CA-255] - Add logging in the file for specific components on the server
  • [CA-257] - Allow extra attributes as login options (Eg: Domain for TFS, SOAP service URL for QC10)
  • [CA-271] - Create a test harness used to validate a new connector
  • [CA-275] - Return attachment size in the get attachment soap service
  • [CA-280] - Attach files to QC issues not just URLs
  • [CA-288] - Convert the QC 11 code to the generic flow
  • [CA-309] - The SOAP should return the same field id's as QC 11 does
  • [CA-316] - Order the version list in numerical order and show the comment along with the version number
  • [CA-318] - Raw html is shown in JIRA when a description field is synced from QC
  • [CA-324] - Add support in attachment sync for URL's, i.e. don't copy the attachment file


  • [CA-11] - Sync initiated by a push (web service or callback, eg: Salesforce) or pull (a poll)
  • [CA-172] - Define requirements
  • [CA-195] - Add a configuration screen to the render-er plugin so the URL of the Mule server can be modified.
  • [CA-202] - Create database connector
  • [CA-252] - Support default values for fields.
  • [CA-289] - Implement stream connection for Seapine


  • [CA-173] - Document design
  • [CA-174] - Create Phase I POC connector (does not include attachments or comments)
  • [CA-175] - Test POC connector in a mule flow with JIRA
  • [CA-176] - Create a mapping GUI for SeaPine
  • [CA-177] - EFI customer acceptance test
  • [CA-178] - Document SeaPine connector
  • [CA-179] - Update ConnectAll install and documentation
  • [CA-185] - Validate vpn logins
  • [CA-186] - Setup SeaPine development environment
  • [CA-188] - Create the SeaPine test harness
  • [CA-203] - Notify the admin via email if a record update fails after 3 retries
  • [CA-233] - Support QC 10 in the UI
  • [CA-244] - Ignore syncing if, the disabled flag is true in the Connection
  • [CA-258] - Move metadata from ConnectAllConstants to individual connectors - Re-factoring!
  • [CA-281] - Initialize the attachment URL attribute for Seapine and TFS
  • [CA-291] - Implement Seapine AttachmentHandler
  • [CA-294] - Seapine Test Results

Technical task

  • [CA-180] - Find records
  • [CA-181] - Convert Seapine records to/from internal format
  • [CA-182] - Create new Seapine record
  • [CA-183] - Update Seapine record
  • [CA-184] - Link Seapine records (eg Test Case to Test Defect)
  • [CA-187] - GUI related functions (connect, login, project list, field list, values list)
  • [CA-205] - Please set our vm (g2g-java) so emails can be sent by JIRA and MuleSoft
  • [CA-217] - Implement Seapine model classes
  • [CA-251] - Write connector model class for QC 10
  • [CA-295] - Notify EFI of the problems with required fields
  • [CA-296] - Test all JIRA field types
  • [CA-297] - Test custom field remote issue link
  • [CA-298] - Add JIRA remote issue link
  • [CA-299] - Add Seapine attachment sync
  • [CA-300] - Install Mule on EFI's test server
  • [CA-301] - Install Seapine on our server (g2g-java)
  • [CA-311] - The same attachment is added on every sync interval
  • [CA-322] - Add the last-modified date and time to the attachment json returned by the Soap server
  • [CA-323] - Store in the application json the desired attachment markup type