ConnectALL v1.03 Release Notes


The major new feature for this release is the 'generic' workflow which will allow us to rollout new conenctor in 2 weeks or less, and the first connector to use this is TFS 2010.


  • [CA-198] - Status changes are not replication - both from JIRA to QC and QC to JIRA
  • [CA-220] - Class "org.apache.commons.httpclient.DefaultNTCredentials"'s signer information does not match signer information
  • [CA-222] - TFS poll does not always find an updated record
  • [CA-227] - JIRA issues were not updated
  • [CA-230] - ValuesMapTransformer still raises NPE
  • [CA-232] - Can not create TFS workitem
  • [CA-234] - TFS poll syncs records that have not changed
  • [CA-236] - Dont sync TFS duplicate attachments
  • [CA-238] - TFS attachments are not synced
  • [CA-240] - Get the TFS unit test working
  • [CA-264] - Installer doesnt install the


  • [CA-201] - Update installer to handle update and correct install folder
  • [CA-216] - Add option to enable/disable connections
  • [CA-221] - TFS poll reads all records


  • [CA-12] - Version configs
  • [CA-27] - Create a screen to add new applications to the Config GUI
  • [CA-51] - Ensure a valid license exists to process messages
  • [CA-246] - Capture datatype in to connection data for each source and destination field.


  • [CA-206] - Final test of the TFS connector
  • [CA-208] - Sync JIRA-TFS using generic poll

Technical task

  • [CA-204] - Add to the GUI the smtp setup parameters
  • [CA-209] - Fix create multiple tfs records
  • [CA-210] - Fix JiraConnectionManager#updateRecord
  • [CA-211] - Test and fix JIRA issue to TFS
  • [CA-212] - Implement AttachmentHandler
  • [CA-213] - Implement CommentHandler
  • [CA-214] - Implement ValuesTransformer
  • [CA-218] - Fix testing jsons