ConnectALL 2.9.2 Release Notes

Here are some of the exciting additions to the ConnectALL version 2.9.2

  • Introducing integration support with Cherwell Service Management application
    • Supports the key entity types such as Incident, Problem, Change Request, etc.
    • Support synchronisation of attachments and comments
    • Supports synchronisation of relationships
  • Enhanced Custom Application Adapter framework
    • Addition of Webhooks support bringing in more flexibility for custom integrations
    • Supports polling of modifications of records at a defined frequency in the application integrated
  • Introducing a feature to map fields that are user configured through ConnectALL interface
    • Helps integrations where some fields are not supported through their standard metadata interface but needs to be synchronised
    • Helps integrations where there is no defined interface for the fields metadata retrieval

Summary of Enhancement/Bug Fixes

  • Add support for portfolio items in VersionOne
  • Saas enhancement - Revoke delete group permission for the role Admin
  • Disable app links when a license is expired for any of the mapped applications
  • Develop user interface to support fields that are not part of metadata retrieval APIs
  • Increase the default log file size configuration before it rolls over
  • Retrieve dependent field information for adapters
  • Access logs to print current user in session & client IP address
  • ZKOSS framework upgraded to