ConnectALL 2.8.4 Release Notes

August 1, 2018

Resolved Issues


CA-3524 - Partner Visible issues when Unchecked and rechecked does not create an issue in FIT
CA-3522 - Comments are not syncing after ConnectAll upgraded to version 2.8.1
CA-3526 - The 'Folder Name' field is inadvertantly being blanked out
CA-3527 - ALM to Jira Attachments are Duplicating
CA-3533 - Attachments are not flowing between Jira and QA Complete
CA-3536 - Unable to edit the custom adapter descriptor from the UI
CA-3528 - Records were not synchronizing from Jama to DoorsNG
CA-3544 - Unable to modify or sync records for a application link when production license allowedCount set to EMPTY
CA-3550 - Cannot link a Task to the User Story in TFS. (TFS to ALM)
CA-3549 - Jira -> ClearQuest DateFormat not recognised
CA-3547 - Area path field sync issues in MSVSTSTFS
CA-3548 - Unable to Sync Assignee field from Zendesk to Any adapter
CA-3554 - Comments are getting duplicated between ALM and TFS2017
CA-3561 - Fix hanging threads on Activity Monitory
CA-3564 - Fix ConfigComposer - to dynamically control value mapping editing in case of large values mapped.
CA-3557 - ServiceNow comments duplicated when comment body has string "error"
CA-3559 - Fix Concurrent modification Exception in SaaS
CA-3572 - Severity field does not list all the values in drop down for Rally
CA-3569 - Create/Update Failing in TFS when payload contains Special Character
CA-3570 - Conflict arises for desc even though repro steps is updated only from TFS
CA-3573 - Mule logs displaying DOORS password in the clear
CA-3575 - SNOW-VSTS - New lines are deleted in the description field. This probably happens in all text fields. This is ‘corrupting’ the data when synced back and forth.
CA-3584 - License manager not showing expired licenses for group
CA-3578 - Implement oAuth authentication support for Jama Adapter
CA-3579 - Fix Proxy related issues in ConnectALL
CA-3588 - Unable to Create Task & Sub-Task between TFS & Jira
CA-3589 - Due to the error null
CA-3596 - Unable to Create Application Link Between ClearQuest & Jira
CAPROD-69 - VSTS / TFS Attachments field are Dissapearing whenever Modifying Application Link
CA-3594 - Unable to delete failed records from Dashboard
CA-3598 - Verify ConnectALL is compliant with TLS 1.2 requirement of Rally
CAPROD-77 - Fields from target repository do not always sync back to source on creation
CA-3597 - Unable to Map Reporter field to Requster Field between Jira & Zendesk
CA-3560 - Formatting Issues in description Field between Jira and VSTS
CA-3602 - When the field name is type sync is ignoring the type field in servicenow
CA-3380 - HPSM - New Update Field missing in ConnectAll
CA-3608 - CLONE - EOF error when trying to update Octane Defects
CA-3609 - CLONE - HTTP 404 error when creating a story in Octane from JIRA.
CA-3610 - CLONE - Jackson-databind.jar needs to be upgrade due to security concern
CA-3603 - ServiceNow - Support Test Management plugin
CA-3605 - HPSM-9.33 Status field issues
CA-3606 - Formatting issues in description field for Jira and HPSM
CA-3617 - Duplicate Issue creation in Jira, when status transition fails
CA-3624 - Sync Option is skipped for the retry records
CA-3619 - Create a Test Steps Dynamically while creating Test Cases in SNOW
CA-3618 - CLONE - ClearQuest 400 Error for the description field during Sync
CAPROD-85 - TFS/VSTS Iteration Path does not transform on outbound sync
CA-3611 - CLONE - Unable to Create Application Link Between Jira & Jira
CA-3633 - CLONE - Comments are duplicated from JIRA to SNOW due to email signature