ConnectALL 2.8.3 Release Notes

January 17, 2018

Resolved Issues


CAPROD-16 - Comment Visibility Sync between Jira to Jira
CAPROD-9 - Attachments are getting Corrupted while sync from Snow To Jira
CA-3516 - Formatting issues in description field between Rally and TFS 2017
CA-3515 - Comments are getting duplicated while updating comment from alm to tfs2017
CA-3514 - Conflict occurs when trying to update description from tfs2017 to alm
CA-3513 - Attachments are getting duplicated from ALM to TFS2017
CA-3512 - Unable to update description from alm to tfs 2017
CA-3511 - Rally: Project field does not display all the projects in workspace when multi project is configured
CA-3508 - Attachments and comments are not syncing between ALM & TFS 2017
CA-3494 - Fix Upgrade issue with Oracle database from 2.4 versions of ConnectAll to latest
CA-3493 - Synchronize cipher object in PBKDF2Util
CA-3475 - QMetry Unbale to create multiple instances in Connectall
CA-3472 - Version1: Error in creating record if Attachment feild is mappedd for Epic
CA-3471 - Attachments duplicating from Jira to Version1
CA-3467 - QMetry Custom String Field not synchronizing to destination
CA-3455 - When attachment name contains the word "error", attachments are not syncing from Snow to Jira
CA-3453 - Dynamics adapter security risk with password compliance