ConnectALL 2.8.2 Release Notes

October 11, 2017

Resolved Issues


  • CA-3395 - Support Access Token based authentication for VersionOne Adapter
  • CA-3420 - Database Adapter: Support to sync data from SQL Views
  • CA-3424 - Implement updated logos for Helix ALM & Core
  • CA-3390 - ProjectServer: Refactor integration to use CSOM API replacing deprecated PSI api


  • CA-3407 - QC to JIRA: When qc record contains an attachment name with special character, the Jira url of that corresponding attachment could not be downloaded
  • CA-3399 - Unable to save Load Defaults Mapping in Doors and Perforce Adapters
  • CA-3368 - QAComplete: The entity mapping project drop down only lists top 25 projects
  • CA-3354 - ConnectALL trying to create record_map table whenever an exception is raised in updating record map
  • CA-3292 - Attachment upload to JIRA does not work if the server is behind a firewall (Proxy server)
  • CA-1887 - JiraQC: Synced Attachment URL returns the details of attachment in xml format instead of attachment
  • CA-1807 - Seapine - Failed to sync attachment from Jira to Seapine.
  • CA-3426 - Version to be updated to 2.8.2, currently showing 2.8.1
  • CA-3418 - CQ fields are getting empty after update, even if these fields are not updated in JIRA
  • CA-3410 - Resync of records ignoring the field based on the cache
  • CA-3430 - Send resource queue contention email to Admin instead of mailTo user set in email.propeties file
  • CA-3431 - CQ to JIRA update failing due to priority field issue
  • CA-3423 - License exceeded error message displayed when user modifies the password for an existing Jira2 Jira app link