ConnectALL 2.8.1 Release Notes

September 1, 2017

Resolved Issues


  • [CA-3247] - Airbus: Unlink the linked records from record map
  • [CA-3248] - Airbus: Forcing Create flow for every record updated in source
  • [CA-3254] - Installer: Validate all the ports required for ConnectAll
  • [CA-3271] - Alarms to detect queue contention
  • [CA-3288] - Develop a solution to handle slow Application Connections
  • [CA-3305] - Compatible upgrade for DOORNG adapter to support version 6.0.4
  • [CA-3308] - Rename 'Seapine Test Trak Pro' to 'Perforce Helix ALM' in ConnectALL UI references
  • [CA-3309] - Create JIRA version if it doesn't exist
  • [CA-3326] - JIRA Attachments Sync - Frame the URL and do not use the content URL returned in the response


  • [CA-1494] - Sync from Jira to ClearQuest fails if the field in Jira contains double quotes (").
  • [CA-1887] - JiraQC: Synced Attachment URL returns the details of attachment in xml format instead of attachment
  • [CA-2816] - Multiple failure messages getting displayed in ConnecALL activity log for the same record.
  • [CA-3226] - MultiProject: When record is moved from one project to another Record id is not getting generated.
  • [CA-3260] - Load Defaults not working in QAComplete
  • [CA-3266] - Attachment not syncing from Jira to Seapine
  • [CA-3289] - TFS Connection using MS Common Adapter to JIRA update is not working
  • [CA-3290] - Duplicate records are created in ServiceNow for single update in SalesForce
  • [CA-3294] - Failed to sync JIRA Attachments due to datetime format issue
  • [CA-3300] - ServiceNow Adapter - polling not working if poll query is configured
  • [CA-3307] - Reverse / Record Linking failed for the multi project with dynamic linking from Jira to JIRA
  • [CA-3315] - Enable Comment Visibilty Value Mapping Available for All Fields
  • [CA-3316] - Generic rest service port number is not displayed correctly in ConnectALL installer.
  • [CA-3318] - Activity Monitor not working for cloud customer
  • [CA-3319] - Updated port numbers are not displayed in the file
  • [CA-3322] - Rally - Issue Links fetches only 20 records
  • [CA-3331] - ConnectALL UI Error in DEBUG for "ConnectAllApplication_connectall.json"
  • [CA-3338] - Default group admin license is not working
  • [CA-3343] - Record Sync fails when Fix version field is mapped without any value mapping
  • [CA-3345] - Mule process is hung when there are large number of Issue links in the record processed
  • [CA-3346] - Helix ALM - Issues
  • [CA-3351] - Attachments: Attachments are getting updated from both source and destination
  • [CA-3363] - ConnectALL version not displaying correctly- not updated to latest
  • [CA-3364] - Jira to Rally Update: when any field is removed/emptied out in Jira the update is not getting reflected in Rally
  • [CA-3366] - ServiceNow To Jira comments: When Work Notes List field is not present in an instance. Comments Syncing not working
  • [CA-3378] - Unable to create records from JIRA to Perforce
  • [CA-3382] - EFI attachment handler method is not resolved.
  • [CA-3384] - Queue Contention Limit Exceeds: Email content mismatch