ConnectALL 2.8 Release Notes

July 7, 2017

The ConnectALL team is proud to announce the release of ConnectALL version 2.8. The ConnectALL development team has been working very closely with researchers, and product managers to build this release and we believe it will provide the most value to your enterprise. In this release, the major announcements include:

  • QMetry Test Management adapter for ConnectALL
  • Installer improvement
  • Statistics in the dashboard
  • ConnectALL core enhancements

This isn't all we've done, we've also made a few minor tweaks and we've been busy fixing bugs to improve the overall experience with ConnectALL Integration Platform. We believe we've been working on the right things to improve the overall experience for our customer base. Of course, we can't do that without your comments and suggestions, so please feel free to send them directly to us

Hope you enjoy ConnectALL version 2.8

QMetry Test Management adapter for ConnectALL

ConnectALL adds the capability to sync records to and from DevOps tools to QMetry with the new QMetry Adapter. The ConnectALL integration platform interacts with the QMetry application via its REST API v7.31. The adapter provides integration support to entity types like Requirements and Test Cases and extends supports to functionalities like syncing fields, attachments, and links. 

We have a short recording to show you QMetry integration with JIRA using ConnectALL.


Installer improvement

During the upgrade process, due to Tomcat cache issue, the correct version of ConnectALL never used to reflect. In this release, we fixed it by clear the Tomcat cache directory at the time of upgrade. 

Statistics in the dashboard

In this release, we have setup statistics in the dashboard to the restricted to group/user level only. So, a user from a particular user group can only view the statistics of application links related to this user group. 

ConnectALL core enhancements

Other trivial enhancements include Salesforce ZAP Security report, sorting adapters, Bitbucket enhancements, review info level log messages and so on. Refer to the bugs list below. 

Resolved Issues


[CA-2870] - License manager enhancement
[CA-2919] - Bitbucket Server enhancements
[CA-3027] - Salesforce ZAP security report and document false positive
[CA-3106] - QMetry - Authentication
[CA-3107] - QMetry - Get record
[CA-3108] - QMetry - Load metadata and fields
[CA-3109] - QMetry - Get modified records
[CA-3110] - QMetry - Create and update records
[CA-3111] - QMetry - Support for attachments
[CA-3173] - Review info level log messages to improve the performance
[CA-3180] - Installer improvement
[CA-3193] - Groups tab to be disabled for users who do not have access to modify group
[CA-3197] - Documentation: Enrich the ServiceNow comment sync document
[CA-3213] - Saas license improvement - Generate single license as a separate file for each group
[CA-3237] - QMetry - Issue linking
[CA-3250] - Sort the list of adapters alphabetically
[CA-3257] - Statistics in dashboard should be restricted at group/user level
[CA-3258] - Application URL to be presented next to application type when application link is modified
[CA-3263] - Enabling comment visibility always for JIRA adapter irrespective of the destination application


[CA-2793] - Update message from master to slave is not displayed in ConnectALL activity.
[CA-2817] - When bulk link is clicked, unexpected error is displayed
[CA-2829] - Dashboard: No records in search results after upgrade to version 2.6
[CA-2830] - Monitor Logs: Log files are not loaded if CONNECTALL_HOME is a different folder other than default
[CA-2862] - Deleted issue is again fetched from the cache when re-attempted for create
[CA-2897] - Update message is not getting displayed in ConnectALL when an attachment is deleted from QC.
[CA-2923] - Dashboard - Sync date is not updated correctly when record fails to sync
[CA-2940] - Unexpected error in report page
[CA-2944] - Code blocks in comments are removed JIRA to CA Agile Central (Rally)
[CA-2953] - UI: Chart not fully getting displayed in reports, appears with scrollbars
[CA-2955] - Favicon not getting displayed in login page
[CA-2961] - Reports: Graphical presentation showing wrong values
[CA-2962] - Statistics in ConnectALL dashboard page displaying wrong values
[CA-3067] - Dashboard sync date is empty for some records
[CA-3078] - Add shutdown instructions to documentations and FAQ
[CA-3079] - JIRA: Validate the template project key and issue type when modifying application link
[CA-3130] - Dashboard: When a record is created a failure message appears immediately after a success message
[CA-3139] - UI: "Disable all App" option showing inconsistent errors
[CA-3142] - ServiceNow: Configuration user is used to connecting inflows rather than sync user
[CA-3153] - ConnectALL is not reporting status as failed if there is a failure in reverse sync of the ID
[CA-3156] - Timesheet: A failure message is displayed in dashboard immediately after created message
[CA-3164] - Histogram is not correct on SaaS
[CA-3181] - On the alarm tab the hyperlinks are not displayed n the bottom of the page
[CA-3182] - Seapine: Adding support to sync decimal fields to Seapine
[CA-3198] - ServiceNow: User Id from ConnectALL comment visibility mapping added as a comment in ServiceNow
[CA-3211] - VSTS: Unable to sync Attachments to JIRA
[CA-3212] - SaaS license cannot be uploaded - license too long
[CA-3217] - Editing field data type for MS TFS is not working
[CA-3218] - Error message not captured during ConnectALL sync of JIRA id to QC
[CA-3221] - Not able to do modify application link when JIRA-QC parent-child hierarchical relationship is enabled
[CA-3224] - Support of special characters for ClearQuest Description
[CA-3225] - QMetry: Load defaults not working
[CA-3227] - Version displayed as 2.6 while installation
[CA-3228] - QMetry logo not displayed when checked after installation
[CA-3232] - Error message while logging out of ConnectALL
[CA-3234] - License exceeded error message displayed when user modifies the password for an existing JIRA to JIRA application link
[CA-3243] - Qmetry: Requirment creation failure
[CA-3244] - Installation check: ConnectALL installation to be checked with Postgres Database
[CA-3245] - ProjectServer: Project Collection name "pwa" is hardcoded when fetching fields
[CA-3246] - ProjectServerConnector: The URL to get the custom fields is wrongly generated
[CA-3249] - Delete attachment not working for JIRA to QC
[CA-3251] - QMetry: Multiple records are getting missed when creating around 10 records from JIra to qmetry
[CA-3255] - Jama: UI is throwing FileNotFound exception in catalina.out when loading logos in home screen
[CA-3259] - Qmetry: Attacment from JIRA to QMetry not working
[CA-3265] - Issue in Sort the list of Adapters alphabetically
[CA-3267] - Status feild getting set to blank when updated from source to destination
[CA-3273] - Attachments are not syncing from JIRA to VSTS using MS common adapter
[CA-3278] - QMetry: only 1/2 attachments will be synced from JIRA to QMetry
[CA-3281] - Attachment not syncing between TFS and JIRA
[CA-3282] - QMetry: Link requirement is not getting updated in QMetry
[CA-3283] - QMetry: Create/Update scenario not working from QMetry to JIRA
[CA-3286] - When a custom adapter is created from ConnectALL UI it is not displayed in sorted order in application link drop down
[CA-3293] - Generic adapter logos are not displayed for a fresh installation