ConnectALL 2.7.2 Release Notes

Release Notes


  • CA-3103 - ConnectALL plugin for Ranorex 7.0
  • CA-3090 - Jama Multi Project Configuration
  • CA-3170 - Display group name in applink view page

  • CA-3171 - Filter applinks by group name

  • CA-3172 Search option in Groups tab

  • CA-3176 URL edit should keep old json files

  • CA-3169 ServiceNow to use sysparm query for filters


  • CA-3187 - QC exception not thrown in reading the modified records
  • CA-3203 - Remove Template project field validation in Entity mapping page for Jama
  • CA-3204 - Text Fields are retrieving projects values for jama in ConnectALL UI
  • CA-3205 - Custom Date fields are not synced from jama
  • CA-3206 - 500 Error when user selects show enabled or show disabled when logged in as normal user
  • CA-3207 - up stream issue linking is not working in jama
  • CA-2958 - property is not updated when updated to latest version of ConnectALL
  • CA-3195 - UI GROUP: All group names not mentioned for an applink in Properties
  • CA-3182 Seapine support for decimal fields
  • CA-3142 ServiceNow to use sync user instead of configuration user in flows
  • CA-3194 Version is shown as 2.7.1 in ConnectALL ui
  • CA-3192 Jama project field is retrieving multiple values of same project