ConnectALL 2.7.1 Release Notes

Release Notes


  • CA-3154 - Print the applink name in logs against the invalid license message
  • CA-3113 - VersionOne - Support for Portfolio items (or Epics)
  • CA-2880 - MS Project Server - Timesheet Integration
  • CA-3155 - Update latest EULA terms in Installer for 2.7.1
  • CA-2994 - Syncing Work Notes as a public comment in SNOW to JIRA


  • CA-3157 - Syncing Public comments from JIRA to SNOW not working when*NULL
  • CA-3158 - Unable to create user using ConnectALL rest service in
  • CA-3128 - Salesforce user password is printing in the logs
  • CA-3143 - Salesforce: Date fields are not getting synchronized
  • CA-3145 - SSO: Jira to Ver1 App link, SSO feild is displayed as text feild instead of checkbox
  • CA-3152 - Additional comments not syncing from SNOW to JIRA
  • CA-3133 - MS Project Server - Timesheet: Issue in mapping DATEtime field
  • CA-3141 - Data transaction report is not loaded with the MSSQL DB
  • CA-3129 - MS Project Server - Timesheet : Not able to connect to server while creating mapping
  • CA-3127 - Updating Salesforce password in the mapping screen breaks the application link
  • CA-3112 - Epic Linking not working from TFS to JIRA
  • CA-3114 - CA UI - License REST Service not working
  • CA-3115 - MS Common Adapter - Detailed error message not displayed in Dashboard
  • CA-3116 - Jira Authentication Fails - when SSO is enabled
  • CA-3088 - Tempo account details retrieval blocking the configuration
  • CA-3159 - Tomcat service is not starting when ConnectALL is installed
  • CA-3162 - date field value synced wrongly from salesforce to servicenow
  • CA-3165 - Timesheet: Disconnect error in Logs displayed