ConnectALL 2.7 Release Notes

New Adapters

Microsoft Project Server Online



Mule Support

ConnectALL 2.7 will be supporting only Mule v3.6.1

Tomcat 7 Bundled in Installer

Tomcat 7 is now bundled as part of the installer for an easy installation.

Support with JDK1.8

ConnectALL can now run with JDK1.8 (it also supports JDK1.7).

Confluence Plug-in

ConnectALL Confluence Plug-in can be installed directly to Confluence server and with API Key Authentication sync process can be triggered easily.

Disable Conflict Management

Conflict Management can now be set to 'None' option. This option is available at both application link as well as at field level conflict management strategy.

Release Notes


  • CA-2899 - Confluence: Create a confluence plugin to talk to ConnectALL Rest API
  • CA-2900 - Confluence: Plugin should be able to render the results
  • CA-2901 - Confluence: ConnectALL REST API to be implemented for GetModifiedRecords
  • CA-2975 - MS Online - Authentication
  • CA-2976 - MS Online - GUI Connector
  • CA-2977 - MS Online - Load Metadata and Fields
  • CA-2978 - MS Online - Get Modified Records
  • CA-2979 - MS Online - Create and Update Records
  • CA-2974 - Jama Adapter Integration
  • CA-2992 - Bundle the Tomcat 7 in the installer
  • CA-2990 - Remove Bundled MySQL from the Installer
  • CA-2987 - Jira Unnecessary Multi Status transition
  • CA-2892 - Create a bug when a new test case fails
  • CA-2891 - Configuration screen to enter ConnectALL server details
  • CA-2893 - Ranorex adapter development
  • CA-2894 - Attach Ranorex test report to a defect
  • CA-2904 - Sync TestCases from Ranorex to ALM applications
  • CA-2906 - Build Ranorex plugin using Nuget package manager
  • CA-2959 - Ranorex License validation
  • CA-2856 - VersionOne - Support for Comments
  • CA-2957 - Option to disable Conflict Management
  • CA-2828 - Rally: Support for new Issuetypes called EPIC
  • CA-2980 - MS Online - Support for Attachments
  • CA-3047 - UI Validation improvements for disable conflict management strategy
  • CA-2828 - Rally: Support for new Issuetypes called EPIC
  • CA-3036 - Duplicate attachments gets added in SNOW when attachmetns are added in the same time from both JIRA and SNOW
  • CA-2976 - MSOnline HelpLink Added

  • CA-2974 - Jama HelpLink Added

  • CA-3056 - Switch to turn on/off sync to CA - Ranorex Add-on

  • CA-3059 - Expose additional fields for mapping - OSName, MachineName - Ranorex Add-on

  • CA-3050 - ConnectALL - Support with JDK1.8


  • CA-2983 - Load defaults not working in MS project server online
  • CA-2986 - Problem in syncing comments created in HPSM
  • CA-2989 - VersionOne - Not able to sync records
  • CA-2993 - Description is not synced properly from VSTS to snow
  • CA-3016 - Duplicate attachments are created in integration between JIRA-QC
  • CA-3021 - Jira Account field is not getting updated
  • CA-2973 - Rally Iteration not loading the values
  • CA-2995 - UI issues in Jama
  • CA-2998 - Issue link enabled feature in Advance connfiguration is not displayed in Jama
  • CA-2996 - Description is not synced properly from jira to Jama and vice versa
  • CA-3004 - For Jama issue type Sub system verification, updation from jira is failing
  • CA-3005 - Sync is failing from jira 7 to jama and vice versa
  • CA-2981 - Salesforce: Unable to connect to saleforce when a proxy server is used
  • CA-3020 - Rally: Uses configuration user to connect instead of syncuser during sync
  • CA-3000 - Ranorex: Attachment not getting created for test case even when its mapped
  • CA-3001 - Ranorex: Load default option not working in Feild Mapping page
  • CA-2982 - Dashboard: Activity monitor error "Record creation failed from source null"
  • CA-2322 - Field Level Sync Option: _CONSTANT field mapping is not honoring field level sync option
  • CA-3024 - Rally: Feature to story linking replicated as relates instead of epic linking
  • CA-3022 - Issue linking is not working from Jira to Jama
  • CA-2996 - Description is not synced properly from jira to Jama and vice versa
  • CA-2999 - Poll query is not working from Jama to JIRA
  • CA-3014 - CATALINA_HOME environment variable is set with ConnectALL installation path
  • CA-2985 - When % complete and work fields are mapped records are not syncing
  • CA-3046 - Selecting None in Field level displays as master source when loading applink
  • CA-3032 - Confluence plugin ui Issues
  • CA-3030 - Version 1: Issue in comment syncing
  • CA-3029 - Version 1: when time difference mapped wrongly, and later updated, the records do not get updated
  • CA-3054 - Rally: Unable to sync any records from rally to other applications
  • CA-3058 - Data Transfer Limit is displayed in Bytes in the User Management and in Reports
  • CA-3042 - Unable to configure Entity Mapping Field
  • CA-3057 - Jira 7 session not retained after the initial login
  • CA-2996 - Description is not synced properly from jira to Jama and vice versa
  • CA-3060 - Push service with basic authentication is not working
  • CA-2861 - Version 1: Reverse update happening for each polling in dashboard even when no update is done from other end
  • CA-2850 - Version 1: Update flow is not working from V1 to Jira for an already created defect