ConnectALL 2.6.3 Release Notes

Release Notes


  • CA-2941 - Add ConnectALL favicon to the UI
  • CA-2950 - MS Common Adapter - Change in read records API
  • CA-2937 - Work Notes Implementation for all Entity types of ServiceNow.
  • CA-2935 - Log all connectall console admin functions (add users, etc)
  • CA-2808 - Release sync support - MS Common Adapter


  • CA-2949 - When mapped value else records are not synced from snow to JIRA
  • CA-2948 - When comments are mapped to null , from snow to jira comments are not displayed as restricted comments but as public comments
  • CA-2945 - when users are not mapped comments sync is throwing error from service now to JIRA
  • CA-2947 - Dynamics: Record link is stored with destination id as null when record creation fails
  • CA-2946 - Dynamics: Unable to create or update record when StateCode field is mapped
  • CA-2943 - Report page is not loading in Chrome
  • CA-2951 - MS Release Mgmt - Error when trying to update from Remedy
  • CA-2932 - 500 error is displayed when configure fields is clicked
  • CA-2936 - 500 error is displayed when configure is clicked in Generic Adapter
  • CA-2927 - Rows are blank in Dashboard when there is no search results
  • CA-2928 - VSTS - Remedy8 Release sync - Duplicate records getting created
  • CA-2920 - Jira description is not synced properly in ALM