ConnectALL 2.6.2 Release Notes

Dynamic Record Linking

Dynamic record linking strategy allows the users to map existing records in source and the destination applications for syncing updates without the need to create new records on the either side.

Generic Adapter - Edit Option

Option to edit Generic Adapter Descriptor/Metadata/Field information is enabled.

Search by Application Link Name

ConnectALL now allows the user to search by application link name.

Release Notes


  • CA-2882 - Application link edit in the UI for the Generic Adapter
  • CA-2797 - Provision to modify the custom adapter from the UI
  • CA-2595 - Enable Users to link existing records by adding the remote record id in the mapping field
  • CA-2846 - Manage Data Models
  • CA-2902 - Modify Application Link - Save Password Validation
  • CA-2685 - Common footer for all pages
  • CA-2711 - Dashboard - Search results by application link name
  • CA-2917 - Data Analytics: Warning message can be displayed before deleting data model
  • CA-2858 - Inline editing & delete field of a Data model


  • CA-2922 - VSTS - Fields not retrieved
  • CA-2923 - Dashboard - Sync date is not updated correctly when record fails to sync
  • CA-2920 - Jira description is not not synced properly in ALM
  • CA-2841 - Help link in change password is linked to Database configuration page
  • CA-2903 - Unable to access connections page in ConnectALL
  • CA-2785 - HPSM Poll query and datatype select having problem
  • CA-2863 - MS Dynamics: Unable to create an application link to MS Dynamics
  • CA-2875 - Add new field in data model - Analytics
  • CA-2926 - Support "Option" datatype for Jira 7
  • CA-2921 - Data Analytics : Empty record getting createdd in the DB for all data models.
  • CA-2915 - DataAnalytics : when same application server is mapped, the count is not getting updatedd in the front end.