ConnectALL 2.6.1 Release Notes

New Adapters

 VersionOne Adapter

Remedy 8.1 Adapter

Remedy 8.1 Adapter

ConnectALL supports Remedy 8.1 based on the Java API exposed by the BMC for integration.

Release Notes


  • CA-1926 - VersionOne adapter development


  • CA-2807 - Expose additional fields in mapping screen to facilitate Business Rules / DataAnalytics
  • CA-2847 - Rally Support Multi Project configuration
  • CA-2717 - Rally - Support Task Issue type
  • CA-2820 - Remedy 8.1: Ability to create and configure application link
  • CA-2821 - Remedy 8.1: User should be able to create and update records in remedy based on configuration
  • CA-2822 - Remedy 8.1: User should be able to sync records from Remedy
  • CA-2823 - Remedy 8.1: User should be able to sync attachments on entries


  • CA-2841    - Help link in change password is linked to Database configuration page
  • CA-2842    - Version 1: Defect ID is displayed wrongly in the ConnectALL activity for Version 1
  • CA-2849    - Version 1: Delete attachment is not working from Version 1 to JIRA
  • CA-2844    - Version 1: Description field is shown as updated in history when actually no update was done
  • CA-2850    - Version 1: Update flow is not working from V1 to JIRA  for an already created defect
  • CA-2853    - Remedy fields issues
  • CA-2854    - Poll Query is not working from Remedy 8.1 to Jira
  • CA-2861    - Version 1: Reverse update happening for each polling in dashboard even when no update is done from the other end
  • CA-2864    - Version 1: Issue Linking not working when trying to link already created defect to Request
  • CA-2873    - Fields starting with "_" like _constant, _project are not getting synced
  • CA-2874    - For the field domain CA field type is not displayed in data type change
  • CA-2876    - Sync attachment is not working when the file name is changed
  • CA-2877    - Delete attachment/Update attachment for renamed file is not working
  • CA-2878    - VersionOne: When attachment is added from V1 without any other field update, it does not get added in JIRA
  • CA-2887    - For perforce metadata is populated as constant in field mapping
  • CA-2888    - Unable to save app link for rally with the metadata field mapping
  • CA-2860    - Epic linking is not working between Jira and Rally
  • CA-2840    - Version1: Summary updated in V1 is not getting updated in JIRA for Sample: Release 2.0 Project.
  • CA-2851    - Version1: Create new defect is not working after the new drop provided today.
  • CA-2839    - Version1: Record creation fails when the Attachment is mapped.
  • CA-2859    - JIRA 7.2 to CQ Sync Issue with the description as HTML type in Jira
  • CA-2871    - Attachments getting duplicated when delete attachment feature is enabled
  • CA-2872    - Statistical data for all the app links visible to all users irrespective of the group assigned