ConnectALL 2.6 Release Notes

New Adapters

Zendesk Adapter

Database Adapter

Microsoft Common Adapter

Generic Adapter

Generic Adapter

The Generic adapter allows you to build a custom adapter for any application to integrate it via ConnectALL. It exposes a new REST API which acts as a gateway to integrate custom adapters.
It is easy to build and plug it into the ConnectALL product.
For more details, refer to Generic / Custom Adapter

Microsoft Common Adapter

This common adapter supports both Microsoft VSTS & TFS 2015 and the above versions.

It's a light-weight adapter for TFS 2015+. Our legacy TFS adapter will still exist to support the older versions of TFS (2010, 2013).

VSTS ChangeSet Integration

Our JIRA add-on for ConnectALL now supports to render VSTS changeset in a JIRA issue.

Release Notes


  • CA-2748- Zendesk Adapter Development
  • CA-2664 - Pluggable Adapter with Rest API in the ConnectALL
  • CA-2649 - Database: User should be able to configure an application link for syncing records to a table
  • CA-2650 - Database: User should be able to configure mapping of alm fields to table columns for sync
  • CA-2654 - Databse: User should be to sync data from ALM to a table based on the link configurations
  • CA-2712 - Customizable Connector Pooling Support
  • CA-2729 - VSTS Changeset integration with JIRA
  • CA-2769 - MS Common Adapter - ChangeSet Integration
  • CA-2766 - MS Common Adapter - Authentication
  • CA-2767 - MS Common Adapter - GUI Development
  • CA-2768 - MS Common Adapter - Flows Integration
  • CA-2770 - MS Common Adapter - Epic Support
  • CA-2773 - MS Common Adapter - Support for field types Area/Iteration Path
  • CA-2771 - MS Common Adapter - Hyperlink support
  • CA-2772 - MS Common Adapter - Support for Parent/Child linking
  • CA-2803 - Databas Adapter: Analytics use case features
  • CA-2795 - Provide UserName Mapping for Private Comments in GUI Zendesk


  • CA-2677 - VSTS: Proxy configurations set are not used, and the connection is being timed out
  • CA-2639 - VSTS: Null Pointer in VSTS Connect method, when connections timeout authenticating
  • CA-2706 - Jira: Jira Cloud authentication issues
  • CA-2713 - Flows: AbstractModelConverter never calls updateValue of FieldSetters
  • CA-2688- Connection Libraray not working when Oracle/MS-SQL database is configured
  • CA-2703- Issue Linking: After ConnectALL upgrade to 2.5, issue linking is not working
  • CA-2710 - Bulk Link Edit: NPE when adding the value mapping for any fields
  • CA-2294 - Seapine: Modifying an application link is taking over 15 minutes
  • CA-2726 - Dynamics: Premature end of file for sync failures
  • CA-2731 - Dynamics: Performance improvements when configuring application link
  • CA-1227 - Login: accesss to Login page (/ConnectAll/login.jsp) when user is signed in already.
  • CA-2757 - Jira: Date and Date time fields not getting synced
  • CA-2721 - Unable to sync the Record after Deleting from Dashboard
  • CA-2740 - Delete attachment not working while doing multiple updates in QC/JIRA
  • CA-2763 - Individual users should be allowed to change their own password
  • CA-2764 - QC error information is not completely visible in the dashboard
  • CA-2760 - Database adapter properties reloading strategy set
  • CA-2775 -  Updates from JIRA is not getting reflected in Zendesk
  • CA-2758 - _CONSTANT, and other uwanted fields added in the select query of database adapter getmodified records
  • CA-2759 - Added Date Format templates in the database adapter properties
  • CA-2780 - Database type name should be "sqlserver" instead of "mssql" while creating application link
  • CA-2781 - Inserting values into postgres DB is failing
  • CA-2782 - Database Adapter: Date field is not synchronized in MySQL correctly
  • CA-2751 - ALM Testcase to Defect linking is not being synced to Jira
  • CA-2783 - Zendesk: Attachment is not getting updated from Zendesk to JIRA when added in update scenario
  • CA-2755 - zendesk: Failure message when updating a feild in JIRA, logs attached
  • CA-2756 - Zendesk: Update message appearing immediatly after Failure message during the same Polling
  • CA-2798 - comments are not updated from jira to custom adapter
  • CA-2800 - Push service without callback url's is not working
  • CA-2799 - Search request is fetching all the details instead of specific field details
  • CA-2804 - Database Adapter: Update flow is failing if nothing to update
  • CA-2802 - Database : Connections are not getting closed when calling disconnect method
  • CA-2475: Seapine connections are not released when a cookie is expired
  • CA-2814: Click on help link of "Database" adapter is taking to HPE ALM Octane
  • CA-2785 - HPSM Poll query and datatype select having proble