ConnectALL 2.5 release notes

New Adapter

HPE ALM Octane (beta)

API KEY Authentication

Now authenticate ConnectALL REST services with API KEY, which uniquely identifies a user.

We introduced a new section in the User Management to manage API keys easily. You can deactivate the key when not in use.

JIRA Webhooks Support

Real-time sync made easy in JIRA integration without compromising the performance. A webhook configuration in JIRA allows you to push new/modified issues into ConnectALL effortlessly. The real-time push is supported for other ALM applications too.

ServiceNow Staging Table Support

A new feature to push data to ServiceNow staging is introduced. In turn, the staging table will automatically take care of master table record create/update.

Bulk Retry

A new feature to force the retry of failed records in bulk. It is very convenient to select more than one failure and force the retry in a single operation.

Display Expired License

Now License Configuration page can also display the expired licenses along with the valid licenses.

Comment Visibility

Restricted comments in ServiceNow / JIRA can be synced now with the comment visibility value mapping. Comment visibility value mapping section is available in the value mapping section of the respective fields.

Restricted Comment in JIRA can be synced as a public comment in ServiceNow or a Restricted Comment in ServicecNow can be synced as a public/restricted comment in JIRA through the customized value mapping.

Release Notes


  • CA-2502 - HPE ALM Octane


  • CA-2504 - Seucure REST service with API Key authentication

  • CA-1475 - Enhanced Push service to work for Jira webhooks.
  • CA-2215 - Retry multiple records based on the selection from Dashboard

  • CA-2570 - Handle Comment visibility in ServiceNow

  • CA-2571 - Expose an option in GUI to turn off Issue Linking

  • CA-2584 - Display the expired license in the license screen

  • CA-2507 - SNOW - Implement changes to use import set in CA

  • CA-2619 - Jira Status sync without value mapping

  • CA-2385 - Work log sync - Jira, ServiceNow, Salesforce

  • CA-2577 - LDAP Sync - Limit the number of records fetched from LDAP server

  • CA-2504 - Option for Admin user to generate api key
  • CA-2614 - Jira - QC Description with Plain text formatting


  • CA-2586 - Configuration images in field mapping showing white background
  • CA-2587 - CA REST API for user management - not able to parse json response

  • CA-2431 - Seapine: org.w3c.dom.DOMException in creating records makes error messages unreadable

  • CA-2607 - Change Data Type throws NPE for applications that allow dynamic loading of dropdown lists

  • CA-2328 - Seapine: Record creation fails with custom field named "Product" is set as required

  • CA-2598 - Report Problem link in ConnectALL should route to ConnectALL Servicedesk

  • CA-2631 - Advanced Value Mapping: Let the user to enter custom values for dropdown fields

  • CA-2645 - Application link is displayed as disabled when it is searched and enabled through search textbox

  • CA-2639 - VSTS NullPointer in login when connection timesout

  • CA-2646 - Epic linking issue when jira is configured on the right side of the application link

  • CA-2615 - Support Jira Sprint field without value mapping