ConnectALL 2.0.2 release notes


Seapine Multi Project configuration support is delivered for EFI. Also, new feature to select field level sync option is delivered for ITAAS.


  • CA-1783 - Field level Sync options - The existing applinks are no longer working after upgrade (field level sync options default to unchecked and sync failed).
  • CA-1784 - Field level Sync options cannot be set through Bulk Link Configuration.
  • CA-1786 - Field level Sync options - The warning icon (!) should be displayed next to the "field configuration" icon instead of "delete" icon.
  • CA-1787 - Field level Sync options - Should not be able to save the applink if there is no field level "create" sync option enabled.
  • CA-1788 - Field level Sync options (create/update) for Comments / Attachments don't work.
  • CA-1789 - Field level Sync options - Seapine - Clicking "gear" icon in "Field Mapping" grid doesn't display the datatype for the Seapine field set by clicking "Load Defaults".
  • CA-1790 - Seapine Multi-Project - Clicking "Configure fields" button throws an unexpected error when the "Template Project" value is invalid or blank.
  • CA-1479 - Seapine Type value cannot be synced.
  • CA-1801 - Seapine Multi-Project - CA throws an unexpected error when trying to bulk configure the applink using Multi-Project in Seapine.
  • CA-1802 - Field Mapping - When editing the datatype for a newly added Seapine field, the "Type" drop-down doesn't show the datatype previously selected.
  • CA-1803 - Seapine Multi-Project - The "Project" field should not be available if the applink is not using multi-project for Seapine.
  • CA-1804 - Seapine Multi-Project – Only one JIRA defect created after sync Seapine multi defects with same id
  • CA-1807 - Seapine - Failed to sync attachment from Jira to Seapine.
  • CA-1808 - Seapine Requirments - Update sync from Jira to Seapine failed.
  • CA-1809 - Seapine - Lots of 500 errors occurs during synchronization.
  • CA-1824 - Not able to select the sync direction in field and value mapping 


  • CA-1752 - Option to enable create/update at each field level
  • CA-1791 - Seapine Multi-Project - Seapine with multi-project mapping configured should support Project level conflict alarms feature.

Technical Task

Seapine Multi Project Configuration Support

Similar to the support JIRA Multi Project Configuration, ConnectALL now support the configuration of Seapine Multi Project.


If the projects in Seapine has any specific workflow configuration, custom fields, then now its possible to create an application link in ConnectALL to map the multiple projects of Seapine. This will eliminate the maintenance of multiple application links in ConnectALL. For further information on how to configure Seapine Multi Project please refer to our User's Guide.