ConnectALL 2.0.1 release notes


Major issues or fixes reported by the customer where fixed as part of the release.


  • CA-1607 - Comment body should be parsed for all formatting preferences and support all utf-8 characters
  • CA-1684 - Comments not synced from JIRA to QC - Only last comment getting added
  • CA-1685 - JIRA Affects version and QC Detected on Release sync is not working
  • CA-1701 - Jira Multi Project mapping with uni-directional sync is not working
  • CA-1719 - JIRA Comments not syncing after installing the JIRA Comments plugin
  • CA-1724 - Comment Ids being added to comments synced to ALM from Jira in Plain parsing logic
  • CA-1729 - Comments are duplicated if they are having formatting styles
  • CA-1706 - Sync attachment as url not working
  • CA-1745 - Defect will not be synced with ALM webclient and Jira when Jira Comment user plugin confugured
  • Installation issues reported