We are constantly working to improve your ConnectALL experience. With every new release, we hope to enhance your experience by providing new features and by addressing known issues that have bothered you in the past.  We have done the same with this release as well!

What’s New?

  • Tosca Tricentis Adapter: We are delighted to include the integration of Tricentis Tosca in our ConnectALL eco-system.  To name a few capabilities, our Tricentis Tosca integration supports:
    • Synchronization of standard fields, custom fields & attachments
    • Record types such as Requirement Sets, Requirements, and Defects.

           For more information, refer to the Tosca Adapter specifications in our user guide.

  • Our Universal Adapter has undergone a major revamp and has become more robust now. The revamp includes:
    • Introduction of support for the inline transformation with custom transformation specification in either JOLT or Groovy. 
    • Introduction of custom specification support that manages the in and out payload transformation. This provides you with the much-needed flexibility to integrate the applications using ConnectALL without any code modifications or customizations.

  • Automatic User Value MappingThe ‘Automatic User Value Mapping’ feature enables automatic synchronization of user-type fields. With the introduction of this new feature, you no longer have to undergo the complex process of manually mapping users across applications in ConnectALL.  It has become much simpler as ConnectALL automatically maps them for you.  Voila!


  • ConnectALL is now enhanced to record more transaction details. As a result, it captures all the fine-grained poll details in its database. This provides a solid foundation for more enhancements in the future — related to handling of negative cases on the records transacted via ConnectALL. 
  • The application links will be locked down until their processing is complete.  They will not receive any subsequent polling requests (which loads it further) from the system, when it is processing transactions of higher magnitude.  This leads to overall performance improvement. 
  • The ‘Connections’ feature has been further hardened and stabilized; and going ahead, you won’t face any issues that you may have been facing until now.

Bug Fixes

We have continued with our whole-hearted efforts in eliminating bugs that have proven to be a damper all along, and we will sustain with those efforts!  If you come across any bugs, and find them worth mentioning, reach out to us!