ConnectALL 2.9.8 Release Notes


New Feature:

Bulk update of application links is possible through the ‘Connections’ screen located in the Configurations menu. This new feature allows you to manage all the application links in one screen, enabling easier maintenance of application links.  Further, the connection screen enables you to:

  1. Create new connections
  2. Update/Edit and delete existing connections
  3. Find the number of connections that are configured for a URL or user credentials.
  4. Relate an existing application link with a connection name.  

Core Enhancements:

  • The log messages now contain the following information, enabling efficient log processing.
    • Group name
    • App link name, and
    • Correlation ID  

Adapter Enhancements: 

  • MicroFocus ALM –
    • Support is now extended to Version 15.0.
    • Synchronization of test configuration fields and test instances are now possible.
  • VersionOne – The VersionOne ID is displayed prominently in the email notifications.
  • ServiceNow –  The catalog tasks in ServiceNow now offer variable options for a particular request.  
  • Cherwell – The Cherwell ID is displayed prominently in the Dashboard of ConnectALL GUI while displaying an activity.          

Installer Enhancements

  • Linux Environment:
    • File deletion notifications are provided in advance before the user selects a backup folder.
    • Usability enhancements in the installation process. 
  • Windows Environment:
    • Usability enhancements in the installation wizard, while selecting database choices- resulting in improved user experience.

Bug Fixes

Several bugs have been fixed in this release.