ConnectALL 2.9.7 Release Notes


ConnectALL 2.9.7 brings some interesting enhancements to the product. Please see below for a brief overview.

Core enhancements

Core has been enhanced to give more flexibility on mapping enumerated fields (i.e. drop-downs/select type fields).  For example, you can now map a drop-down field to a text field and can configure to synchronise either the internal ID representing the value or the enumerated value displayed to the user on screen.

This feature enhancement is initially only supported with Jira and Jama adapters.  Support may be expanded for additional adapters in the future.

Adapter enhancements

  • VersionOne adapter is enhanced to detect modifications to attachments and comments. Therefore, we no longer need to wait for the record itself to be updated for synchronization to happen when just its comments or attachments are added/modified.
  • VersionOne adapter is enhanced to support Multi Select type fields.
  • DoorsNG adapter is enhanced to support all of its artifact types, whereas only 'Requirement' and 'Requirement Collection' were supported earlier.

Security Fixes

  • Included Directory Traversal Vulnerability Patch released by Mulesoft (Ref : Mulesoft Article)

Deprecations & Removals

  • Remedy 8 integration support is removed from ConnectALL.
  • Removed SOAP based integration to Project Server in favor of ReST based integration.

Bug Fixes

  • We have addressed bugs in the product.