ConnectALL 2.9.12 Release Notes


ConnectALL Version 2.9.12 is now available. These release notes include information about a new feature and enhancements.

New Feature

  • Timezone Selection: Before 2.9.12 when you set up an app-link you had to configure the time difference between ConnectALL and each application. This has become genuinely simpler for you now. We have introduced a timezone selection field in the ‘Connections’ screen that eliminates the need for any time difference configuration. Click here to know more.


  • Before 2.9.12, ConnectALL would retry failed record synchronizations only for fully-failed and not partially-failed synchronizations. Starting with 2.9.12, partially failed transactions will also be included in the retry attempts.
  • The link-lock feature has gone through a major overhaul. We are introducing a scheduled timer that regularly checks for any unreleased app-link locks and releases them automatically. In case of any issues, manual intervention is not required to get the locks released. 
  • The Jama Adapter is further enhanced to handle API deprecation announcements.