ConnectALL 2.9.11 Release Notes


We are constantly working to improve your ConnectALL experience by rolling out new versions. Our new version 2.9.11 is a result of our tireless efforts to make ConnectALL more robust and reliable. Listed below are the enhancements in this latest version.


  • Upgrade and Connection Links: If you are trying to upgrade from ConnectALL version 2.7.x or 2.8.x to version 2.9.11 or later, do an intermediate upgrade before upgrading to version 2.9.11 (or later).  For example, if you are upgrading to version 2.9.11 from version 2.8.4 or version 2.7.3, first upgrade to ConnectALL version 2.9.7 and then to version 2.9.11.  If you do this, all your connection links will stay intact with their correct names and application links.


  • Connections: The notable ‘Connections’ feature has been enhanced to efficiently handle group ownerships and permissions.
  • Automatic Data Correction: We have introduced 'Automatic data correction' in the app-links and database during an upgrade. Therefore, you don't have to be concerned about data correction while upgrading from an older version-as its automatic now. This enhancement eliminates the need for any manual intervention while an upgrade is underway. Sit back and relax!
  • App-link Lock: We have stabilized and enhanced the app-link lock feature.  Henceforth, you should not be grappling with any issues relating to app-links getting locked out.  
  • Mule Platform: We have patched the Mule platform to address a reported bug.
  • Universal Adapter: Our Universal Adapter continues to evolve, and it is now enhanced to import/export the transformation specifications and adapter descriptors that ensures better portability.
  • Performance Tuning: In this version, we have introduced a new procedure (by tweaking the values of concurrent threads) to tune and optimize ConnectALL’s performance.  Henceforth, follow this procedure for performance tuning.  Click here to know more about it.