ConnectALL 2.9.10 Release Notes


We have released ConnectALL Version 2.9.10. This release contains a new feature, several enhancements, and bug fixes. As always, we are constantly working to improve your ConnectALL experience and here’s a summary of what has changed.

New Feature

  • ConnectALL now supports formatting Rich-Text fields such as ‘Description’, ‘Comment’, and any custom rich-text field.  The ‘Text Format Conversions’ feature enables this formatting and ensures this easy conversion.


  • We have re-engineered the Microfocus ALM Octane adapter, and have equipped it with additional capabilities to handle several entity types such as–‘comments’, ‘Attachments’, and ‘Issue Linking’. In addition to this, it can handle entities such as ‘Gherkin Test’, ‘Task’, ‘Test Manual’, and ‘Test Suite’.
  • We have optimised the JIRA ReST API calls to fetch only the mapped field’s data. The JIRA instances with a large number of custom fields would reap the benefits from this change.
  • ConnectALL now supports PPM module in ServiceNow.

Bug Fixes

In this version, we have fixed several minor bugs.